Don’t try to cover up your strategic laziness with tactical diligence

always have so many people bustling about, but do not know exactly what to do. The workplace is no exception, why do you think so many programs have been rejected by the customer? Why do you have so many plans are still being reprimanded boss?.

above the cartoon in the end what to say, we must think about. Also, as a marketing person, if you still do not understand the same modifications, can be quickly eliminated.

mall is the battlefield, marketing is need to determine the direction of long-term strategic vision and objectives, and to adopt effective tactics in seeking a short-term goal, the characteristics of marketing ability, will further stimulate the training, our long-term business vision and grasp market opportunities.

There are three components of

strategy: positioning, patterns and activities.

own business or product advantages where? We should be in several sectors? What is the short-term goal of each plate, the long-term goal is what these goals? What kind of organization? What kind of talent? How much financial budget and so on


the formulation of this strategy is from the perspective of the enterprise, rather than the consumer’s point of view. I call this "enterprise brand" – oriented strategic planning.

A. identify the location of

first product characteristics analysis, what is your product positioning, for which users, the age of the number of road between the number of. And so on, we must first set a good, and then detailed customization program, the same, the bottom line of the brand positioning must be clear, do not go beyond it, or you will be a lot of trouble behind.

two. Market Research

integrated use of multiple channels including the Internet, newspapers and conferences, and respond quickly to new situations and new problems in the market, as far as possible, timely, accurate and comprehensive, specific to collect all relevant information and target marketing strategy, processing and finishing, timely feedback to the enterprise.

three. Innovation ability

The process of

marketing strategy is also the process of publicity of enterprises, marketing strategy should be good at capturing useful information in the surrounding environment, new thinking, good use of the new method, with new ideas to lead the trend, and occupy the market. As a marketing strategy to deal with the new situation, but also the use of multi thinking, from all aspects of thinking, analysis, in order to obtain a unique effect.

of course, in the marketing also need to pay attention to several points:

1 feelings. No matter or soft copy manuscript, the crucial point is that you are really hard in writing! You don’t even want to see what others won’t go to see the fun! Not more than crudely made curry favour by claptrap. Shape your own feelings, if you love life, love and

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