Sail Dongguan network information classification confusion

      the brightest heroes have entered the network at the Dongguan network hidden opportunities, or the network information classification is more lacking spirit of cooperation to make businesses unable to hide greeds, but outside the classified information network set of the Dongguan Railway Station, the effect is unsatisfactory, and the classification of information website and disorder, confusion of the pattern makes the heart sick. In this case, on the day before the opening of the professional Dongguan classified information network, more or less in the industry of ripples. An image of the industry, the network information classification in Dongguan to promote the internal and external forces, like a ship sailing ship is just ride the wind and waves.
"pattern. With the popularization of computer and network life is popular, now more and more people love to receive various demand information through the network information classification business a lot ah!" South, a network company manager Huang said, but he was puzzled by the Dongguan network classification information is not good.
      in fact, positioning the network information classification and newspaper classified information is very similar, also focused on concession, sale, leasing, housekeeping, relocation, recruitment and other small scale commercial information is closely related with people’s daily life, the greater affinity for readers. In addition, the network information classification more and more detailed, clear, easy to search for content classification, can be illustrated to explain, save time longer, released in the wider region, can also form a unique interaction with users.
      it is reported that there are three kinds of classified information network in Dongguan: foreign classification network opened the Dongguan Railway Station, Dongguan Railway Station, Dongguan Sina network such as Qiaoqiao classification, Chinese online group purchase Dongguan Railway Station; local comprehensive website category, such as sunshine network, Dongguan inspection classification column; classified information network of local stiffness the establishment of the. So far, Dongguan network information classification in a situation of tripartite confrontation began to appear, but the pattern is still confused.
    reporters learned in the investigation, although the name of "classified information network" name of the site visits and information too many to count, but less is not god. Although the Dongguan Sunshine Network and Dongguan window to do relatively well, but still poor in popularity and information release and update. The classification of information network domain of Dongguan Railway Station is a desolate, such as market classification information of Dongguan Railway Station, 72 categories, ticket service, medical care and other 58 categories without any intermediary information, and disseminate information although only a maximum of 16.
    early 2006 opening of the Dongguan classification information network complete, is the first local professional information network, covering all aspects of information, such as Bus inquiries, various hotels, shopping malls, rental, business needs, such as marriage dating, "based in Dongguan, Dongguan set up a service. A convenient website of Dongguan pure public welfare, is my goal! I will do it for this

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