Analysis of the brand marketing of Metersbonwe Road

" Metersbonwe, don’t go for Chang Lu "

excellent domestic clothing brand one of Metersbonwe can become a " casual clothing; want to get up " the brand is not easy. Chinese clothing brands in this way, the scarcity of know how to establish the brand value of players, so it is still under development… Metersbonwe, we do brand marketing colleagues from perhaps can think of what

Metersbonwe in terms of product design and development, in cooperation with the European research institutions, training a team of 133 designers and technology experts strong product design team, every year to launch more than 3 thousand new clothing, the second to none in the domestic garment industry; at the same time, through the hiring of Aaron Kwok, Jay Chou and the big hit CCTV advertising star endorsement meitesi, · Bangwei brand value increase rapidly, especially won a good reputation among the younger generation of consumers.

brand road 1 mode innovation in production supply chain

production and supply, to break the traditional mode, fully integrated use of social resources and domestic idle production capacity, go specialization and cooperation path, OEM production for the company in Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other more than and 200 manufacturers, an annual series of casual wear about 20000000 pieces (sets) of the powerful production base;

brand road 2 with the brand effect to attract franchisees

The brand effect by

business, attracting franchisees, expand the chain monopoly network, and implement a variety of services and management including logistics, information consulting, staff training, to the store, and joined the business risks, common development and achieve win-win situation; the implementation of the loyalty of customer service, improve service quality;

brand road 3 increase brand awareness and reputation

the use of brand image spokesmen, creative brand to promote public relations activities, a full range of brand image advertising, the combination of the three set up a large brand image shop strategy;

brand road 4 to expand the clothing designer team

product design and development, establish and cultivate a team of designers with international standards, to carry out long-term cooperation with France, Italy, Hongkong and other well-known designers, designing new style of clothing every year more than 1000


brand road 5 "dumbbell structure" virtual business model

like Nike, Metersbonwe has taken this is called the "dumbbell structure" of the virtual management mode: the product to the foreign price of labor, lower cost, more conducive to the transportation and sales of manufacturing enterprises, product sales to join Nike dealers, he will focus on product design with the development of market.

at present, Chinese clothing brand enterprise profit is shrinking

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