WeChat marketing to break the product stiff presentation product picture mode

Hello, I am happy, my number is Sina micro-blog (full design), a WeChat marketing problem, if you do not understand what I can add WeChat to my knowledge, then, I will invite you to join my private WeChat group, can increase your chance of contacts.

these days, WeChat in a friend asked me, "WeChat marketing how to do?", seven words, only seven words, how to explain to him? I then Baidu, WeChat search keywords [marketing] words, there will be a lot of articles, but basically is the book face, not directly to your new application, today this article is just tailored for you the WeChat marketing tutorial, well, coming to


first, know what is marketing?

marketing, the first two words split. "Camp", * * * * + intervals (no above point) + two mouth. Caozi head is a grass, has strong vitality, wild fire, the spring breeze again; the following two is, let us learn to express themselves, to promote their own, do not talk nonsense, therefore, camp, the word is our own quality. Look at the sales, this is a good understanding of how to be able to convert their products into money, that is, our objective factors, but also the result of our hard work.

so, from the literal meaning can be seen, marketing, that is, we use the advantages of individuals to obtain greater benefits.

second, WeChat marketing preparation.

do what thing to think why you want to do this thing, for example, should think whether by eating dinner before you guys? For instance, when you write a composition, is not it should first think roughly outline? Otherwise, you write will digress the. As a beginner, there will definitely be confused, do not know WeChat marketing should start from where, plus others are "promotion model products + introduction + blunt product picture", oneself also did, however, don’t you think of trying to walk the path of your own


a lot of people know that others eat something is not tasty, but in here, but always eat others eat leftovers, you feel good? This is my today’s theme, break the normal procedure WeChat marketing strategy, create their own patterns.

third, WeChat marketing should be how to do?

this is the theme of the whole article, I have one hundred models, but I just say a little, do not learn to look at your own qualifications.

if you do watch business, but the boss under the command, WeChat must do, how do you do it? If you don’t see my article, you must be "fixed model products + introduction + blunt product picture", which not only has no effect, and it is a waste of time. Even friends will cause discontent, not only one of the consequences of your black.


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