Recommendations for the promotion of a mushroom business website

The current status of

industry XX net:

1, included. Baidu is not included, Google included 9, included the situation is not ideal.

2, PR is currently 0.

3, edible mushroom Baidu search volume of 594, not too hot, which, the word in the first page of Baidu search is all promotion website.

4, the site built about a month.

website optimization recommendations:

1, keyword selection. On the first page of a key optimization keyword, the keyword can choose your flagship products, in order to later after being included in the search engine has a good ranking, the home of keywords and description are too cumbersome, suggest you squeeze, the two also to highlight your keywords, keywords, 3~5 one of your main products, description will write some introduction of your company, you want to convey to some of the content of the user, which is displayed in the search engine to the site described below is part of the.

2, rich in content. It is best to open a knowledge about the industry in your column (or other), the purpose of this column is to increase the frequency of updates.

3, the structure of the site:

1) to separate out the CSS file, and then call the home will be better.

2) try to use css+div to write a web page, which is not only conducive to improving the speed of the page download, more conducive to search engine included, the form for css+div.

3) pictures to do some optimization, are generally described with alt.

4) into a static web page, more likely to be included in the search engine.

5) site map.

website promotion recommendations:

, using the blog promotion: from the site can be seen, relates to many products, you can set up a blog for some kind of products, the major portals have opened, such as Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Alibaba, Tianya, Baidu, and YAHOO, etc.. In these blogs, publish some of your product knowledge, help people, and guide users to your site. This is a very effective method for the site, first of all, not only increased the number of external links to the site, but also enhance the visibility, the use of portal resources to enhance the site traffic. This should be noted that the establishment of a blog, we should pay attention to join some of the relevant circles and groups, which is more conducive to promotion.

two, using the forum to promote their products and collect related theme forum, of course, to the popularity of good points, including a large portal forum to publish informative articles, plus signature, guide in the website. The forum is actually

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