Yan Jian Valentine’s Day gift online marketing

also called Valentine’s day, Valentine’s day or Valentine’s Day (St. Valentine’s Day), which in February 14th each year, is one of the western traditional festival. Men and women on this day send chocolates, cards and flowers to express love or friendship, has become a favorite festival for young people around the world. For such an important holiday, in the field of network marketing, master who is also resorted to grab traffic, sales, exhaust all the skills, to reap huge profits, we come to understand the next Valentine’s day, how should the network marketing.

first, Valentine’s day starts from LOGO

must be a little careful people will find that Baidu, Google or a festive event will make special LOGO, even if your site is full of festival features, also attract more attention, so the first step, you can be as large as the site design, Valentine’s day LOGO.

two, open Valentine’s Day special

in the online collection of Valentine’s Day related articles, and some editing, the most important is to create some of the original article, when your Valentine’s Day special content is rich enough, enough under the premise of the original content, will bring huge traffic. Such as gold Jubilee of the abacus network at the time of the Spring Festival also made special, different approaches but equally satisfactory results received very good results.


three, Valentine’s Day

1 Valentine’s day may spread "

this is one of the most commonly used form of network marketing Festival, is also the effect of the fastest and most direct form, the need to pay attention to is "need to name and wishes to generate people, similar to the Wishing Wall (wed9.com/lovewall) is a good form of communication, the effect is very good, this page can be transmitted by QQ and MSN instant messaging software.

2 clever use of custom expression

this is a holiday network marketing tips, custom expression made of GIF animated pictures, leaving their own web site name or URL, but also through QQ, MSN and other instant messaging software.

3 cards to convey

Valentine’s day for your users to send greeting cards is a very interesting thing, pay attention to the organization of card content, including the name, signature is very important, the content of the novel can give you unexpected results.

four, Valentine’s day picture optimization

Baidu, Google two major search image search has a larger flow, you can put some delicate, original Valentine’s Day pictures on the website, it is best able to play picture watermark, immediately be reproduced, to see you.

five, online and offline to combine

is the most commonly used organizational activities, online publicity organizations, offline activities, it is best to find a sponsor, and presented a number of small gifts participants, both profitable and can achieve the purpose of publicity. < >

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