Take Baidu as an example to talk about how to write enterprise soft


today, this article is mainly to introduce how to write the enterprise soft wen. First of all, you need to understand is what is the enterprise soft details, interested readers can go to the Baidu encyclopedia inside the enterprise soft reading, Ye Dehua views here simply talk about their own business on the soft. Soft writing in accordance with different standards can be divided into many types, such as if in accordance with the industry, you can have different industries of soft, such as financial soft, medical soft. Enterprise refers to those enterprises in order to service the soft article, namely the enterprise as the goal of the soft, soft this purpose can be to sell the company’s products, can also be in order to enhance the corporate image, we will also use public relations to describe the enterprise soft Wen, because the enterprise has great influence on the quality of the soft, of an enterprise. So to a certain extent, the enterprise soft indeed played the role of public relations.

so, how should the enterprise soft start, how to better the enterprise soft writing? Here in the case of Baidu, a simple talk about some of the views of Ye Dehua himself, if have a wrong place, welcome readers in the comments box pointed out.

(1) corporate culture, the best soft material.

each enterprise will have its own unique corporate culture, it can be said that corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise. Because different enterprises have different corporate culture, which is out of the ordinary characteristics, also have a head, said the value of writing, therefore, can through the soft Wen will display the enterprise culture fully. Baidu’s culture and mission is to make it easier for people to get information, to find what they want, to make the world more effective and to make people more fair. If you want to concentrate, then Baidu’s unique culture is simple, can rely on these five words. So, you can start from such a Baidu culture, write a clear Baidu style enterprise soft text.

(2) corporate characters, fresh corporate image.

is an enterprise to become bigger and stronger, the most important thing is to play a role, the role of the team, these people often have some things that are not ordinary people, these bright spots worth out to let everyone learn. People also like to read stories about successful people who want to learn from their success stories. Baidu is the founder of Robin Li and Xu Yong, they are very story people, their story itself can be written in a book, and for the enterprise soft text writing is simple and effective. Of course, Baidu’s team is not only the two of them, as well as their engineers, as well as every employee of the enterprise, everyone is a story, have their unique highlights. As long as the careful observation, you will find that the story of these people will also be able to attract people, such as a few years ago, the more famous "degrees niang".

(3) products and services that directly affect the customer’s place.


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