Yi blog broke the Fang Jing spy case of network marketing hype

Yi blog leaks central television host Fang Jing spy case it has once again become a hot topic in the network, of course as a SEO and network marketing professionals can not discuss this caused by this special blog media with special network topics. Now there is no authoritative media on Fang Jing’s time to publicly declare the truth of the incident, but quietly popular in the network. I am also a habit of looking at every day to help find the hot Google and Baidu list, the first key word is Fang Jing, search results, Fang Jing is the news of the spy in the front row. Then there are a lot of relevant search keywords Fang Jing spy. Here is the list of the top 20 Google search in June 11, 2009, when the wind speed up to the top of the list of the top 20 key words in Fang Jing on the incident, there are only 14.

Google hot list of keywords ranking Fang Jing

, of course, regardless of whether the Fang Jing espionage is true or false, but we from the BLOG on the role of the network pop oriented analysis. If this was just a hype event, we went into analysis of key words can be seen Google billboard to Fang Jing ranked in the top 20, there are several independent unit "CCTV", "Fang Jing’s husband", "Fang Jing’s blog", "Yi" is the assumption that a few words we designed in advance and do the optimization of the key words, when Fang Jing came out of the event so we site traffic will be very alarming.

from the Fang Jing incident, we can summarize the following through a blog marketing practices, I gave him a name called the bomb blog marketing". The specific approach is achieved by planning a can cause the topic of public concern with a primary key as the tipping point, and then from the previous similar hype topic keywords extracted relevant keywords derived from the public may concern to be optimized, and prepare 50-100 related articles or paragraphs standby. And then look for a more well-known blog sites, such as Sina blog started ignition. If you see the effect of the topic is enough Jinbao word soon. At the same time, the ignition of the main keyword will ignite the same key words like a serial explosion, will produce a series of popular. Because the main keyword is we design optimization in advance, from search engine traffic must bring surge, if we guess it some relevant search words and so we can get a large part of the flow. Then we can search engine keywords ranking and related search to further expand the relevant articles. Because we are prepared in advance, so as long as the relevant keywords into our prepared in advance of the article can be. And the main word ranking we have the advantage is easy to add new keywords also ranked the forefront. If the operation is successful, a topic is estimated to bring 10w-100w traffic should be no problem.

of course, if you want to operate "serial bomb blog marketing", it is best to find keywords can attract the eye, "

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