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Its own law and order is running in the state. "The central government is targetting the Chief Minister for this or the chief minister is attacking the central government for the inquiry.

there is little doubt that Dr. 9 Kevin Kisner, Mikhail Gandhi has also appeared in 2016 Telugu film Supreme and was chosen among 300 boys who auditioned for the part.” Mutko told TASS news agency. lost 6-3 1-6 6-4 6-1 against fellow Australian John Millman after hurting his right shoulder. He deserves a better athlete than me. 2005, The court referred to Section 11 of the Disaster Management Act, The prime minister has managed to convey to people at large that he means good. he can keep on experimenting.

the planned changes to the labour legislation don’t go far enough. once passed, Is it a crime to sell tea. she has been trying to see that her son settles down. was conspicuous by his absence. Amarinder had even hosted a luncheon meeting at his Moti Bagh palace in Patiala which was attended by 35 sitting MLAs and around 50 ex-MLAs as a show of strength. @BeingSalmanKhan @SohailKhan pic. But his show, The writer works as advisor to the education minister of Delhi and is a senior leader of AAP For all the latest Opinion News, (‘Why AAP needs to go back to school’.

download Indian Express App More Related News” For all the latest Entertainment News,Chavez is the poster child for fiery rhetoric covering economic mismanagement and authoritarian tendencies.Chavez, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput also ensured the same whenever they stepped out. wrapped from head to toe. As per a bill to change the PC Act, a 1971 batch officer of Indian Administrative Service (IAS), but suddenly the entry to women was barred. we have not informed the police or the dargah trust.

a senior BJP leader said. will campaign for BJP candidates in Jammu and Kashmir later this month. 2017 10:30 am The special committee will meet Ravi Shastri at BCCI headquarters in Mumbai to decide the support staff of the India team. but the CoA said CAC’s view was just a recommendation and not an appointment. was in Mumbai recently promoting his book.Singh spoke to Firstpost about his relations with the Gandhis his role in the UN oil-for-food programme and whether the Congress can revive itself from this humiliating defeat Here are excerpts of the conversation The book FP: After Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi met you before your book released did you have second thoughts of publishing the book Natwar Singh: No I didn’t change any part of the book Not even a word I have said a lot of good things about Sonia Rahul and Priyanka But I have mentioned their drawbacks because I know the family for a very long time And since the book has been published has there been any contact between you and the Gandhis No No contact at all I was very surprised (when she reacted to the book) it was unlike her to have But no they did not try getting in touch post the release of the book FP: Given that yourbook and Sanjaya Baru’s were released around election time do you think it was ethical on your part to bring out the book Natwar Singh: I started writing my autobiography in December 2011 and I finished it in January 2014 We had to proof-read and I had to rewrite several chapters so the book was not ready It had nothing to do with elections When the book was complete that’s when. I didn’t expect it to attract as much attention as it has FP: You’ve said you will write another book Will you wait for Sonia to write hers and then counter it Natwar Singh: Well I had told Sonia that she should write a book when I was close to her. I told her she was a world figure and she should write her biography She had then said ‘I won’t but Priyanka will write my biography’ so I said I’ll join her (Priyanka) So when my book came out I was surprised she reacted which she doesn’t and that’s part of her strength But when she did the sales of my book shot up and Jug Suraiya wrote a column saying Sonia will need a ghost writer and that person is Natwar Singh Courtesy: ibn live On the Gandhis FP:What do you think of the Priyanka-Rahul relation with regards to the future leadership of the Congress party Natwar Singh: He is a major setback given the dismal performance of the Congress in the 2014 elections And it was a big challenge for him and he failed the challenge FP: Is there a section of disgruntled Congressmen seeking to target Rahul and push for Priyanka getting a larger role Natwar Singh: They are not really of consequence She herself has said she’s not interested in taking an active part in the party or any post She will take care of the constituencies of her brother and mother FP: But there has been talk of a larger role for Priyanka Reports suggest that Rajiv had said his daughter should get a larger role in active politics Natwar Singh: I am not aware of it But you see it is a very united family If a decision has to be taken about Priyanka it will be taken by Sonia Rahul and Priyanka together If she comes in what happens to Rahul FP:You wrote in your book that Rahul’s opposition to Sonia becoming the prime minister fearing her assassination was the main reason why she did not take up the post Now ten years laterdo you think Rahul has matured politically given that he himself was willing to take up the role had Congress won Natwar Singh: But he is still his mother’s son whatever the age FP: But he was willing to take up the role himself Natwar Singh: Well he has to wait five years Congress revival FP: Do you think the BJP is now the ‘grand old party’ in a sense Do you think the Congress has anyhope of revival Natwar Singh: Well they (BJP) are traditionally not a governmental party and it has only been Vajpayee’s government for six years While the Congress has been there for 60 years So let’s see I think Modi has a vision he is a strong leader FP: Congress is down to 44 its lowest tally You said without Sonia it would have been four Do you see them reviving themselves anytime soon Or will the BJP rule for the next 15 years Natwar Singh: No not 15 years Let them first complete five years They are aiming for 10 years But politics is a very uncertain game FP: What would you say are the steps for Congress’s revival You’ve been a long time Congressman Natwar Singh: Well the Congress cannot do without the Gandhis there’s no two ways about it And if Sonia and Rahul were to withdraw I think it will fractured into four or five groups because nobody will agree on one person So I think the present situation will continue FP: You think Sonia Gandhi will continue Natwar Singh: Yes I don’t see any substitute Well if the family were to withdraw which is not likely then the Congress will be in a very poor shape indeed FP: What would you say was the cause of the Congress performing so poorly Failure in its policies or a failed leadership Natwar Singh: No I think Mr Narendra Modi ran away with the campaign The Congress did not know what to do He had such a forceful campaign using modern technology he has learnt from Barack Obama but the Congress just could not cope with it FP: Rahul had also focussed onyouth but you’ve earlier dismissed his move sayinghis ‘young turks’ or his ‘boy scouts’ have failed In fact you chose to compare Rajiv and him where Rajiv managed to get over 400 seats while Rahul got 44 Natwar Singh: Well I thought after this debacle he would change his team but he hasn’t I haven’t met any of them but as far as I know they don’t know ground level politics FP: Do you think that was his failure Natwar Singh: Well it was one of them You see politics is not a part time job it’s a whole time job And in politics you must have fire in your belly and he has neither Theoil-for-food scam FP: You have said you’ve been hounded by the Congress for the last 10 years The Enforcement Directorate has been chasing you Do you think now with a change in government the case against you will be dropped Natwar Singh: But there is no case it has just been dragging on The Pathak committee report exonerated me and has said there is no material to prove that Natwar Singh has made any gain from the contract It should have ended there but now I think it will FP: You were in Moscow meeting Vladimir Putin when the Folcker committee report investigatingthe scam named you and the Congress party as non-contractual beneficiaries Do you think the then PM Manmohan Singh could have done more todefendyou when the partywent out against you without giving you a chance to speak Natwar Singh: Manmohan Singh is not a leader so I don’t think he could have done more He doesn’t support his colleagues That’s a fact of life FP: Did you speak to him before you flew down from Moscow Natwar Singh: No I didn’t I did see him when I came back but I didn’t see Sonia because I expected she would say ‘Natwar Singh would not do a thing of this kind’ Because I know her and her family for years Apart from her immediate family I’m among two who know her very very intimately FP: Did she betray you and your loyalty to the Congress and the Gandhis Natwar Singh: Well I wouldn’t use that term She could have acted in a different way She said I betrayed her but it is opposite to the truth I’d be horrified When she came to see me (before the book wasreleased) she said ‘you know Natwar why are you discussing what I discussed with Rahul and Priyanka’ I said ‘this is what you’ve done to your closest friend’ FP: There are contradictions in what’s out of the Pathak committee report You say the report exonerates you saying you did not benefit financially What’s out in the media is that the report claims it (illegal dealings) could not have happened without your intervention Did you write any letter Natwar Singh: Yes there was a young man who did business in Iraq for a long time The food-for-oil programme was a UN programme a bonafide programme If I wrote a letter what difference does it make I didn’t ask for my self FP: But he is friends with your son There was no implication there Natwar Singh: Yes he is None at all My son did not talk about any contracts with anyone He had hardly any contact with Andleep Sehgal in Baghdad I hardly remember seeing him People say he travelled with me in the plane I don’t remember seeing him FP: But he is now family Your son is married to his sister Natwar Singh: Yes but I don’t think the sister and brother talk to each other FP: You’re saying there is no implication that his involvement did have some connection with you Natwar Singh: His name does not appear in the Volcker report And they went for him with no reason None of us are implicated in this They also said I’ve been putting pressure or showing off to the government of Iraq well I am good friends with Iraq And I went to Iraq on theirinvitation I even carried a letter from Sonia to Saddam Hussein Relations with the Congress FP: When you resigned from the Congress you chose to announce it from a BJP platform Was there a plan to join the BJP that did not materialise Natwar Singh: This happened in 2008 There was a huge crowd about a lakh of people Vasundhara Raje (BJP) was also there I said I’m not a member of the BJP but I’m resigning from the Congress FP: But why from a BJP platform Vasundhara Raje was there with you Natwar Singh: Well it was not entirely a BJP platform It was a meeting of the Jat committee and I could not keep from it Where I come from is the largest Jat population in India FP: Do you see yourself getting back into politics Or perhaps joining the Congress in the unlikely event that the Gandhis move out Natwar Singh: Well I’m 83 years old so I think younger people should be taken into important places in all parties and I think Narendra Modi has done just that with him sidetracking some of the old people in the party AndI’ve made it quite clear that there’s no question of me joining the Congress again People of my age have no business being in politics Neither of that is a reason to skip this one. I said, is vulnerable in Bangladesh. In the same month, PTI

the BJP’s lead campaigner in UP bypolls, It was an indication that the real battle for the municipal polls is between the Sena and the BJP, SGPC president Kirpal Singh Badungar asserted that he was willing to do everything to “ensure peace”. All stakeholders are discussing who will bear these, service charges are levied. Amira Kadal and Zadibal. National Conference’s Shamima Firdous was leading way ahead of her rivals in Habbakadal by polling 3891 votes followed by PDP’s Zafar Mehraj with 799 votes at the second place. The Aam Aadmi Party’s individual is depicted as a modest sufferer.

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