Users worried experts on personal domain still recommend the use of Cn

once, in excessive stimulation of CNNIC "one yuan registration" policy, many netizens crazy hoard of domain name, website, website using garbage yellow crazy.CN domain name wantonly spread. CCTV criticized the poor of the domain name registration regulation after CNNIC, in desperation, cut off the personal domain name registration, strong dissatisfaction with this simple and crude behavior caused by users, many users and industry insiders believe that the move to CNNIC extremely arbitrary, Internet pornography regulation is of little practical effect, it is "palliatives".

now, CNNIC issued on the registered domain name information has been done to check the work of the notice, which provides a brief statement of the individual domain name holders in the verification work should be submitted to prove the information. However, it is just a word of the request, to confirm the legitimacy of the personal holding of the old.CN domain name, the release of the CNNIC is relaxed personal domain name registration management information. At the same time, CNNIC assistant director Qi Lin said, such as the prohibition of individual registered.CN domain name, will lead to individual users to choose the foreign registration, or fraudulent use of the name of the company was forced to fill in false information. As soon as possible to allow individual users to apply for the registration of.CN domain name, the user and website to stay at home, rather than go abroad.

CNNIC to the individual domain name "relaxed" personal.Cn to obtain legitimacy

all signs indicate,. The CN domain name will be accepted by individual users for registration.

, however, has been abandoned "child" – personal domain name. CN, are you still willing to go back to "mother" – the embrace of CNNIC?. CN users have great resentment, have said the last letter was worried, not dare to believe, and said: ".Com can be registered without binding or


with a public outcry, reporters connect exchange and development center director Hu Yanping China Internet association Mr. Hu and Beijing Information Industry Association Secretary General Xu Zuzhe, Mr. Xu, let us listen to the views of two experts, how to think rationally personal domain name system.

Hu said, the user outflow showed that regulators can not face the problem of behavior appear in the rough brush, thus changing the thought as "crop" weeds "good intention, and will also be eliminated, the" scandal is natural. And now, CNNIC and.Cn for "no", this is inconstant in policy allows users to know what to do. This phenomenon is called on relevant departments in the work with efforts to achieve "refined management".

face public questioning experts recommend using.Cn

in the choice of domain name, Mr. Hu said that if the.Cn is open to the public in the form of the real name system, it is recommended that users were able to let go, use.Cn instead of.Com.

after the implementation of the real name system of personal domain name

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