Build a community the formation of fans group map deconstruction millet teach you how to play fans

in the past 2013, "the Internet thinking" is a word to be excessive consumption, as if the Internet thinking has become a universal key to save people from all walks of life, the Internet thinking was held on the altar. At the beginning of this year, the Internet thinking became the object of media from the crusade is numerous, Huang Taiji, Ma Jiajia these last extremely popular youth idols, overnight and become the "opposite typical", questioning voice is undoubtedly due to He Chang Huang Taiji and Ma Allison whether the bubble is not to make money, there is no endorsement of product ideas and business models Internet thinking is not worth a hair.

in the dark horse brother seems to us is far from the critical thinking of the Internet, because the global economy is still dominated by traditional manufacturing industry at present, like millet mobile phone, TV Plus TV, Roseonly etc. these new business models, but the vast grasslands of the stars of the fire, is still in the initial stage of barbaric growth. So, whether in the future can become Liaoyuanzhishi sparks of fire? Thinking of the Internet business model based on what are the procedures and features of the dark horse? Listen to your brother weiweidaolai.

dark horse brother through the study of millet phone, music as television, Roseonly, routing and other Internet products case, summed up the CBMCE mode of thinking on the Internet, for your reference and exchange.


a, Community: to establish a community, the formation of fans group

the first step is to establish a community according to the characteristics of the product, locked in a small circle to attract hardcore fans, and gradually accumulate fans. For example, millet mobile phone user located in fancier geek circles, LETV TV to hardcore fans located in the pursuit of quality of life of Master Roseonly, the senior white-collar workers who pay for product positioning hjuken love.

fans in the process of attracting people from their friends and relatives, colleagues and other acquaintances circle began to gradually expand, and finally snowball snowball. Establish a community with a snowball, the initial circle of quality and the influence of the founder, determines the quality and quantity of the future. The mobile phone millet Lei can do so successfully, largely due to Lei Jun in the Internet circle for many years of accumulated contacts and influence, and the positioning of millet mobile phone fans for fans.

locked in the crowd after the fans, the next step is to find the target crowd like to gather platform. Mobile phone fancier love for discussions in the forum, so Meizu, millet mobile phone have established their own forum, attract fancier level geeks. Of course, there is a flaw in the forum is too closed, too difficult to expand the crowd, so millet phone at the beginning of the development of micro-blog as an important position to expand the fans group.

fans in the expansion stage, opinion leaders play the role of trust agent, so the millet mobile phone and Roseonly use of opinion leaders to speak for their own brands, to get more attention in Sina micro-blog. The difference is that millet

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