Stationmaster net broadcast WeChat launched Alipay Jingdong entrance service window background first

1 Jingdong announced that the entrance of the first level of WeChat shopping on-line stock opened up 14.28% 

May 28th news, Jingdong group announced yesterday evening, Jingdong in the WeChat platform, shopping entrance started on the line, and gradually opened to the national WeChat users. Affected by this news, Jingdong shares opened at $20.28 on Tuesday, to close at $22.97, up 14.28%.

It is reported that

, the Jingdong in the WeChat platform level entrance name for the "shopping", located in the "discovery", and "circle of friends", "sweep", "game" and tied.

since May 27th, Beijing and Shanghai two cities have been upgraded to version 5.3 of the WeChat users, can be found in the WeChat Discovery Interface shopping entrance. After the shopping entrance will gradually open to the national WeChat users.

2 rebate network for $20 million B round of financing to build online and offline integration rebate platform  

with the platform of Jingdong listed Ali and second half of the year will be listed, including, and other more vertical business listing and financing, China the online shopping market is facing fierce competition in the hitherto unknown, the major electricity suppliers are in a different way to strengthen the flow of the competition, including micro-blog and WeChat layout Ali investment Jingdong, behind no not for traffic. And can bring huge traffic and accurate sales rebate shopping industry as a business platform, insiders also received great attention, investment and commercial value to be optimistic.

today, play an important role in the electricity supplier rebate network and precise marketing diversion links, announced $20 million B round of financing. Heiner Asian investors to venture capital funds (SIG), previously, tens of millions of dollars A round of investment network has received rebates Qiming and Disney’s steamboat ventures.

3 China Web site statistics history – wild road out of the spring  

had a friend suggested that I write about the website statistics things, I always think of leisure recently, shirk The coming days would be long., or tidying up, give you a look at it when a story.

The first

Statistics website

said from the beginning of 1998, when the Internet still can not see the statistical system too good, only some of the so-called counter program, many of which are Perl, attached to the bottom of the website, display the current site visits.

this is divided into three kinds, one is the need to install your own server, using the CGI mode of execution; the other is to give you a JS online registration code, so that you are embedded in the page to display. In addition, there is one, is to run the web server log on the server to statistics, and then give one a day

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