Three types of P2P platform involving illegal fund raising capital pool business bear the brunt

Shi Jinfeng Zhang Shuo

Chinese style barbaric growth P2P and illegal fund-raising red line seems to be separated. In April 21st, the disposal of illegal fund-raising inter ministerial joint conference office director Liu Zhangjun to the public a clear boundary between the four P2P net loan platform and illegal fund-raising: one is to define the nature of P2P intermediary platform; the two is to clear the platform itself can not provide security; three is not the imputation funds shall not engage in capital pool; four is the illegal absorption of public capital.

Liu Zhangjun is a guard against illegal fund-raising news conference to make the above statement on the same day, the CBRC is the lead units of the inter ministerial joint conference. Liu Toulu, the recent State Council supervision of Internet banking made a general division of labor, decided by the China Banking Regulatory Commission to take the lead on the P2P regulatory research, related work has been started.

Chinese P2P is falling into the trap of illegal fund-raising. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 2 thousand P2P institutions in the domestic market, which occurred at the foot of the collapse of about more than and 80, which is the focus of the outbreak in 2013 of the 75.

"the current rapid development of P2P lending sites, P2P lending site number and size of new loans opened soared, has repeatedly appeared payment crisis, collapse, Juankuan run away, some of which have been suspected of illegal fund-raising." Liu Zhangjun said.

2013, the number of illegal fund-raising incidence, the amount involved, raising the number of participants at a high level, for the second peak over the years.

Liu pointed out that illegal fund-raising is spreading to new areas of industry, such as, many non financing Guarantee Corporation, investment advisory and other intermediary agencies open generation money wantonly illegal fund-raising; many small loan companies, private equity and other financing institutions beyond the scope of business suspected of illegal fund-raising; some agricultural cooperatives in shareholder dividends as bait to absorb farmers funds to invest in different places or usury; network platform banner of private lending under the banner of illegal fund-raising risk has become more prominent.

fund pool business involving illegal fund-raising

P2P net loan platform as well as the congregation to raise financing is experiencing Chinese style barbaric growth, investors how to avoid falling into the trap of illegal fund-raising


Liu Zhangjun said, on suspicion of illegal fund-raising network borrowings are mainly three cases, one is to engage in capital pool, that some P2P network lending platform designed by borrowing requirements into financial products sold to lenders, or first imputation funds, then look for the borrower objects, etc., so that lenders funds into accounts, generated funds pool.

two is the number of P2P lending platform network operators do not have to verify the identity of the authenticity of the obligations of the borrower, the borrower borrowing or acquiesced to publish a large number of false information on the platform in the name of a number of false borrowers failed to find, also known as loan standards, to raise funds not more than a specific number of people, for investment in real estate, stock, bond futures, etc., some direct usury illegally raised funds to earn a spread.

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