Way home a revolution in the vacation rental industry

lead: before the establishment of the way home network, Luo Jun had used several short rental website, found a lot of problems. After the creation of the way home network access to a number of institutions in the back of their support, why it has such a magic outbreak?

way home was known to the outside world from a capital myth, the line for more than and 400 days, two rounds of financing amounted to 400 million yuan, Ctrip, GGV, the speed of light, HomeAway, Ding Hui, blind and broadband capital and a number of institutions in the back support. Now the way home in China has become a leader in vacation rentals, on-line from December 1, 2011 to now, the way home has covered 119 domestic and overseas city 59 city online, 84920 sets of housing, the cooperation of more than and 300 development projects, more than and 900 are in talks. At the beginning of 2014, the way home network, the third round of financing has carried out in wildly beating gongs and drums.

founded less than four years, the way home network such a magic like outbreak? Head of this relationship and the way home behind the close – Luo Jun, he is a serial entrepreneur who has served as senior management positions at CISCO, Oracle, Avaya, etc.. Prior to the founding of the home network before the joint CEO of the housing group, in just two years to help companies listed on nasdaq. In his own words, "I’m working on a new industry, a revolution in the Chinese holiday rental industry."


way home network founder Luo Jun, photography: Nick May

holiday rental (Vacation Rental) of the era of the initial rise from overseas. To vacation house rental service provider HomeAway, for example, it was founded in 2005, is now the largest vacation rental site in the United States, in 2011 to complete the listing on the Nasdaq, competitors, including Airbnb.

According to the

data by the end of 2013, the 2013 annual HomeAway shares soared 81%, the latest market value of $3 billion 400 million, equivalent to 10.3 times its sales, several times in the past six years no one has been the acquisition of Listed Companies in the Internet, there are more than 700 thousand rental housing around the world. Today, HomeAway has become the way home network investment.

Luo originally found the vacation rental business is "9· in the United States; 11" incident, when he was in Hawaii because it is controlled exit, forced Hilton $170 a night for 4 days, while the other two friends found a share of $45 a night apartment, an average of only $10. Therefore, Luo Jun began to consider the possibility of a holiday rental model in china.

after a comprehensive investigation, Luo found a uniquely American community "soil" is the prototype of vacation rental over the years they have formed a line under the community-based housing estate managers to provide maintenance and further development to provide agency leasing business.

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