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1 Telecom with NetEase today push instant messaging tool easy letter

Tencent science and technology news August 19th news, China Telecom (micro-blog) will hold a press conference this morning with NetEase, announced that the two sides jointly create instant messaging tool easy letter on-line.

prior to this, China Telecom has launched instant messaging products wing chat, and the future of the user will be turned into a letter chat easy users.

It is reported that

, China Telecom and NetEase formed a joint venture company, the executive team has also been determined by the chairman of Zhejiang Telecom general manager Lu Yaohui concurrently, Zhang Zheng from the NetEase as the general manager of the joint venture company, China Telecom business wing talking former head of high Zhimin served as deputy general manager.

data show that in 2012 the domestic mobile IM market size will reach 20 billion yuan. For the three major telecom operators, the gradual rise of data service, let the voice, SMS, MMS and other traditional business challenge. Mobile IM become the current mobile Internet era of competition and the need to launch a major strategic product, its importance has been self-evident.

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to understand the WeChat want to grab the easy letter

was forced to push 2.360 security guards search binding industry said strong push hard to break the bottleneck of

recently, the popular Baidu Inc v. 360 (Qihoo) marked Baidu search page, malicious hijacking traffic in the case of the Beijing Municipal Higher People’s Court of second instance. A trial before the verdict, the establishment of the Beijing first intermediate people’s court 360 acts of unfair competition, compensation for economic losses and related expenses Baidu total cost of 450 thousand yuan, and ordered 360 on its website home page for 15 consecutive days, published a statement of apology. At the 360 anniversary of its search business, and the 360 launch of my search and search the desktop shortcut is also considered to make further escalation of war. In particular, because of the desktop search and security guards bundled by some media as a risk".

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3.2013 years of entrepreneurial network in the end how to profit quickly!

2013 is the year of entrepreneurship, all people are considering their own business, work for ourselves, then in the fierce competition in the market economy, what kind of business? I believe everyone would like to do less investment and quick, more profitable industries. So, have you ever thought of running a special bookstore? The so-called special bookstore is a bookstore that deals in the price of a book. Publishers have their own publishing plan every year, in previous years, books will be dealt with at a very low price, the objective situation makes the special bookstore was born. But this does not

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