How to quickly improve website traffic

this is a thousand times, but have to say again, because different people, the understanding of this problem is very different. But on the whole, the following suggestions are worthy of careful use.

1, the content of your site to do, there is no content that is empty talk. Not only have the website content, and the target group positioning must be clear, so that there is a repeat, days and months multiplying more people to visit. If there is no targeted and original things, PV value will not be high, even if the flow is high, the site will not be valuable.

2, if

is the text, news, pictures class website, can add bookmarks, map pick, good article will bring you a lot of click. If it is a forum or a relatively strong professional website, try to get to know the same kind of friends, let them help you publicity, you can go to the same forum to do advertising, published articles.

3, as much as possible to join the search engine, so that more people find you, if you can optimize the key word is the best. It is a reminder, do not put keywords has nothing to do with the site theme page optimization keywords, otherwise it will backfire.

4, if you are sure your site has the potential to buy some advertising, a little bit of investment may be a good return. You can even buy some of the appropriate price rankings, non operating sites on the free, mainly afraid of the cost can not be returned.

5, in other feeble advertising sites or forums, such as write useful things, attach your own web site in key areas. Do not recommend only advertising, it will be deleted by the administrator, here by the way, eight degree webmaster network welcome you to send soft Wen, as long as you can bring to the webmaster with practical value of information.

6, with the forum BBS signature, QQ signature. In these places and web advertising is very effective, so, whether you are the theme for the reply, or someone else’s post, your signature advertising will out with your post, to a certain extent, this is a kind of low cost, high yield promotion way.

7, Ken point, and the webmaster PR equivalent to exchange text links, either through connections with two visits, at the same time, but also conducive to the optimization of the ranking. The station consists of ( feeds.

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