6 effective methods to avoid negative information in the promotion

promotion is not just to show the site in front of the public, but also to pay attention to what kind of attitude. The promotion of the website if you focus only on the push and not care about quality of communication, such as the benefits of "Fengjie", many people see the joke, but few people feel sympathy for her words and deeds. In the promotion of the website can hardly be avoided will produce some negative information, peer vicious conflict, Internet users have become the factors of adverse feedback on the promotion and so on. From the root, we may not be able to completely prevent it from happening, but we can try our best to do it in order to reduce and avoid it.

1, to ensure that the site features

website to go out to promote, if not a complete product, will only allow users to distrust the site. The perfect use of security function is to avoid and reduce the negative impact of the website itself from the source of the promotion.

2, has a good user experience

single from the basic aesthetic level of basic function of website and page view, universal Internet users say "clean do not have too much advertising, even advertising but not too ugly is acceptable. Good user experience in the use and promotion of the site and occupy a very important position in the operation.


do not keep a promise inviolate false promises.

to be honest, and the site as a result of the efforts of all the people gathered together is the integrity of the people, which should be put in the first place in the important position of integrity. Many websites to carry out activities set up some of the prizes, looks very attractive, but the site is also a gimmick with such things as to attract users to participate in activities, to get real prizes to the end or website, the whole is said to be a cheat a user opened a lip-service, this way is not good extremely.

4, adopt a reasonable formal promotion

The unreasonable use of

promotion mode has an inescapable responsibility in the production of negative information. In the use of promotion, why many owners do not agree with the viral marketing, too many emails and so on is because these will bring adverse effect to the promotion, even will let users dislike website, this will only The loss outweighs the gain.

5, identify the root cause of the problem and actively deal with

when there is a negative information, I am worried that this negative information will be spread, so anxious how to solve, this is a lot of webmaster mentality. In fact, encountered such a situation, as long as the face, certification is not terrible to solve.

as a rule: a type of trading website transaction disputes, customers that their interests are not protected, to other large forum portal released for this trade websites negative comments, this time on the site to do is to actively communicate with customers, the original.

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