Small Peng promotion personnel practical tips

for the promotion of the time in the network, repeated data, often need to repeatedly enter various dozens of forums for example: ID, password, often registered a variety of blogs, forums, communities, and some SNS publish classified information website to enter the E-MAIL address, telephone number, and QQ ID, password, address, password protection and so on. Engaged in network marketing staff must have a deep understanding, it is necessary to complete the task of quantitative release, especially so. Here is a practical technique to use the software to enter the commonly used text defined as shortcut keys.

need to use the software is sonic start VStart, VStart official website download address:

, after running the software -> click "menu" -> "

hotkey management"


two, click Add to add your commonly used shortcut keys


three, in the left chain settings you need to set the shortcut keys, then click on the right side to add text hotkey


four, for example, our company or my personal homepage is, I often have to visit the site, and publish information on the registration or often to enter the site, if the site is very simple. Fortunately, if there is very long, will be very troublesome. For convenience, we can set up this website as a shortcut key, for example, Ctrl + W key, click on the shortcut button when you need to input. In the press hotkey left office: Ctrl + W key, and then click on the right side of the hotkey to output text input, we must set up here. Note: before you enter the URL, you should add a space key, as shown below:


then enter URL


then determined to return to the add interface. In the remarks column, it is best to write what you add is to prevent the shortcut keys too much time to forget what a shortcut key is used. Then determine on OK.


I put some of the most commonly used are set up, as follows.


here I ALT + numeric keys on the left side of the smallest point, set to the commonly used password, in practical applications, the key is the most used, basically a lot of passwords are the same

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