Easy to let the forum fire

first, we must understand that what we do is a forum to promote the most important purpose? No matter what kind of above suspicion doubt, promotion and behavior, the ultimate goal is to let potential user groups to visit and stay at the forum, the forum has become one of the users.

is a promotion, it is necessary to use some tools or resources to promote. We are "poor" in the website or other charges on the website advertising is clearly not realistic, a forum is just set up and there is no need to go to war to spend so much of the original capital. Is that something we can’t do about it? Of course not. The working people from the grassroots wisdom is infinite, is the most worthy of our unlimited play. For one of the major sites, the main way to promote the search engine, Links, word of mouth, relatively speaking, the promotion of the website easier, only need to go to the people to launch site, click that reached half effect; but the promotion of forum and website promotion also have some differences. The Forum promotion involves people, relates to the loyalty of other details. In addition, because the contents of the forum update speed is very fast, is worth our attention point.

a search engine optimization

is well known, the location of the search engine has become more and more important, in the proportion of the forum to promote also occupy a relatively large proportion. Large and small all websites at home and abroad, will search engine optimization as a very important lesson to study.

here is the search engine optimization is to encourage you to cheat it? Absolutely not, search engine optimization is not equal to cheating. This is the basis of the rules of the search engine to make some cheating search engine behavior, which is no good for the forum. And we say the optimization, refers to the legitimate scope of the search engine to make the forum text, layout, and so on the reasonable arrangement and optimization, to achieve better search engine search results.

(1), forum name optimization

forum name is also a very "art" live. Search engine for a forum often appears in the word is very concerned about, usually a good forum name can also help us from the search engine to bring a lot of traffic. But in the process of the construction of the forum a lot of friends, I saw a lot of the forum name full of every kind of symbols, in fact this effect is very friendly to search engines, although some friends think it’s personality, but in fact I don’t think it The loss outweighs the gain. (personality, usually see the various symbols pieced together name of the forum, I will close the page). A good name of the forum should be highly summarized on the theme of the forum, and the definition of the summary, and can let visitors to the forum name to achieve a "gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory" effect,

(2), forum keywords set

almost all search engines on the Meta keyword, Meta description sense >

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