Learn these 25 poster design so easy

NO.1 is good at using the power of color

color has a great sense of nature, can be based on the theme of the poster to determine the appropriate color. In the example below, the Savannah Festival poster features a soft spring color system, so that we can feel that this is an outdoor music festival, the music will soon enjoy the type of gentle and beautiful, rather than heavy rock.


or the use of solid blocks, but be sure to choose a good color collocation.


but too much color may cause too loud without focus, the cases of the poster only with red and black would create a strong visual effect, so the strong contrast color can also create eye-catching effect.


NO.2 try different text types and formats

Remove all other patterns of photo

posters, the most important is the font, the expression of different fonts brings sensory meaning is different, select the font, select at least two, separate headings and text.


allows the main font to create a strong impact, we must ensure that the use of simple auxiliary font to distinguish between primary and secondary.



NO.3 division visual rating

excellent posters should be fast reading and instant attention, if only a few posters in the text, then as far as possible to choose the rough type font, and combined with graphics or photographs; if there is a large number of text posters, then the text as the main visual, and try to put the headlines as a block of text to text processing.


NO.4 clever use of negative space composition

a map has two kinds of image design, positive and negative space, always find everything fresh and new.


NO.5 delete unnecessary content, less is more than

remember, less is more. Under the background of clean background, only a simple word or a dramatic picture, can achieve very good results, or just the accumulation of material.



NO.6 create a focus

use a clear or blurry picture as a background

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