How to use the Baidu promotion Wangzhuan station

because popularity is not high, integrity is not high, the promotion of new sites higher has been a problem, the completion of the early work of conventional Wangzhuan network architecture, it is necessary to obtain effective members to participate in it, how to get effective free membership? According to the practical experience of an old fox, here to teach you a good way, is the use of Baidu, Baidu is very powerful network giant, standing on the shoulders of giants with you. Known to all Baidu search optimization, PPC spend money here not to talk, as long as do the following work to weak grassroots.

first opened a blog in Baidu space, named after the name of your site keywords, then published topics related to original or false original article in the blog, in the article you clever do promotion link, then use the search: Wangzhuan, making money online, online network of part-time income, and other words, you can find a lot of Wangzhuan related space, click on the go, your own Baidu space link will automatically appear on this space, so through other channels to the space visitors, you can access your Baidu space through the entrance, and is of high quality flow, related to your topic. Also you of the original article is published, can also be high quality flow, through the search engine is Baidu promotion too vast space shooting two birds with one stone, the.

Secondly, using Baidu

Post Bar Laosheng, this seems to talk, but times have changed, 5 years ago, Baidu management is very loose, no matter in Post Bar still know that you want to easily make a link, but now, you can try, or simply do not link, you can spend a lot of time to do a lot. Advertising links, finally come the scanty leave, what to do? I did, the first landing Baidu, the advance of the advertising pictures, upload to my Baidu space album, then enter my Post Bar, choose signature settings, upload the front advertisement pictures set for my signature. Soon, through the audit. The basic work well, then selected Post Bar, such as to make it home, click on it, make it, money, money, income, occupation, personal webmaster, webmaster, webmaster, recruitment, novice, project, task, registration and so on, my post. In each post related to the topic, words can be 50~100, finally to remind visitors to join in accordance with the signature picture on the web site, of course, the promotion website should be simple, or who has the patience to enter a string of characters in the browser address bar so be accomplished my "net income", as a result of Wangzhuan network, Baidu Post Bar. Signature promotion, directly from the browser address bar to increase traffic. We can in the, enter the "online income", click the Post search, and then enter, enter the post to see the effect.

other Baidu know, Baidu club, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu, Lenovo, Baidu has ah you play, in a word to often post or reply, important content should be added to the collection, so it is easy to go back next to your favorites, post up, will make.

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