Wild lily also has the significance and development of garbage station in spring

site, make money? Interest? In the end is for what? We can be a small webmaster grassroots station is generally known as garbage station". Military and political leaders but rather a kind of peace? It is the most numerous living beings, no! Station or not a station, this is a problem worth considering.

I think, cudgel thinking after the station has some advantages:

1, the growth of knowledge! Do not stand forever can not understand what is SEO, what is the pattern……

2, learning business operations. Do stand as the usual traffic operators, such as cash flow, such as single event. 12, good opportunity.

3, to a state of mind, is the original Baidu K? By unscrupulous people plagiarism? Is the reality of the network the fickleness of the world.

what’s the point of building


1, garbage station has PR, with the meaning of SEO.

2, if not for the station traffic, just quality, really make a professional in the field of art, really to meet the long tail that belongs to your "niche", to cheer.

3, perhaps, the garbage station to make a new model, such as watercress flash in general – that is ideal, the pursuit of the legendary story of cinderella.

wild lily in the spring, La La La ~ ~ ~ please indicate the author: the dream of Qinhuai (http://s.blog.sina.com.cn/mlqh365)

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