How to get new sites in a short time Baidu good rankings

yes, Baidu technology has been in a stand to be improved, a good ranking is a long road, the road is a patient, today I am here to write a business case station for everyone to share, we Study hard how I do what station? To maintain the station? How to get the ranking of

Keywords: cooler air curtain machine. This station is just recently I do, is for my own use spent half the time of the modified ASP template, is entirely static. Now the average daily flow rate of 200+, the industry, the traffic is very precious. Now summed up the 2 months of the new site Baidu rankings some rules, full combat experience.

1 corn to include key words; what you want to do the key word is best to choose a corn to add the key word Pinyin, my Pinyin + digital.Cn, this I have no way. Because the region is my

2 regardless of the home page or inside the page must contain a large number of keywords, but must not stack keywords, to have a reasonable and hierarchical distribution of keywords. Personally think that for Baidu, ranking number of a keyword is good depends on the keyword in the station is mentioned, a keyword appears on my homepage rate to 20%+, but the key of my station ranked second, behind Baidu encyclopedia, Wikipedia has been optimized and I eat. So every day a lot of traffic from these two points. So some experts before the key words should not be more than 3-8% should be no reference.

3.TITLE on the use of keywords or keywords, if the key word must be put in front of the key words. For example, I want to do the key word air cooler air curtain machine rankings, then I use TITLE is the cold air machine, if you want to include the key word that is Changzhou website optimization. Other MATE information should be reflected in the most important keywords, which is very important. This keyword and TITLE, as well as the contents of the station echoed each other, the effect can be imagined.

4 must be static HTML station. The benefits are not much said, anyway, Baidu spiders like.

5 if the competition is not too fierce, do not draw the text chain, I see a lot of popular words are traced chain up.

6 to very little use H1 tags and bold font to highlight key words, this is very important! – this is not everybody is very strange, then I tell you, Baidu is now feeling very hate, because go to optimize your site

7 station link is very important for Baidu search, each page contains home page links to improve the home page ranking is very good.

8 at the bottom of the homepage to reasonably reflect at least 3-4 key words and bold description, is very useful for ranking


9.TAG tags can be used on the use, will also bring some help for you. RSS is important

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