Look at the essence of nternet marketing through micro blog

yesterday, a wave of brother micro-blog: Central Taiwan is a tragedy…… Call Mr. Song Qingling. Also called N times…"

the first time I forwarded the forwarding number is 84, the second forwarding time is 594. The interval of the two forwarding is not long, but the comment is very fast. I just had a run to look at the past, and now has produced more than and 900 forwards and more than and 400 comments. Although less than a lot of star artists, but in a very short period of time to produce so much forwarding and comments, should also be considered good.

a lot of people questioned the brother’s IQ, I think it is not necessary, it is only a joke. Imagine born in 60s, graduated from the National Defense University,, how can you do not know what the meaning of the meaning of the waves before the brother to see again, it should be aware of the intention of the wave brother. In fact, the wave brother has been studying the spread of micro-blog value, in a few days ago also complained about the collar not very good, but today that micro-blog should let the waves is the brother power?

is a network marketing like molecules, I have to deal with circle action. My brother has always given me the feeling that a person who is very active in thinking and has a very good sense of language is a very humorous person. From the TOM forum to the end of the world, from the back to aika community, I have been studying the wave brother, but I never said to him I have fully. His words, can let my emotions were stirred up.

so I have always believed that the marketing of the wave brother, is provoking people’s emotions. At the beginning of fairy sister, is the mood of the net friend will start, help the wave brother will fairy sister push in the limelight. Later, the wave of brother many success stories, such as 08 years of "ban Wang Laoji", are actually around the in the mind of the hard, successful use of this kind of heart defect of users, so users in the event of fire. It’s better to say that he is a great psychologist than he is a great promoter of the internet.

from this, let me see, in fact, Internet marketing, change is not the same, or in a nature, that is the person’s mood. Whether you are using news or blog or forum, and now micro-blog, as long as you can stir up the person’s mood, you can succeed. Either you want someone to be happy, or you can make people angry, as long as they participate in, you will achieve the desired results.

is like the Tang Jun incident. Originally a micro-blog Fang’s reply, why so fire? It is stirred up our emotions. We are angry! The tall Saint teacher image, collapsed, how can we accept? We begin to blame Tang Jun, we began to court, the reason is that we are stirred up. In particular, the suggestive based on some facts, more let us consciously participate in.

if there is a different place, like BINGSHU said. You have no control over it. If you are in the Forum >

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