See the search engine marketing lies

1 can submit a web site to hundreds of search engines

if there is, then the ten to the twenty engine will not know what kind of engine; even if the submission can not bring you what traffic. The vast majority of web search traffic comes from the first ten to twenty search engines. Such as Google, Baidu, YAHOO, MSN, Ask, etc..

2 optimized for Google or Baidu

even if the engine has its own search ranking technology, but the site’s judgment is basically the same. If you optimize the site’s own structure and page, the site itself has a high quality, information useful to the searcher, then all the engines will have a good evaluation of your site.

3 to ensure the first home page, invalid refund

unless you are bidding, otherwise the world can do such things are not born; even if he is a skilled search engine experts can only show his current achievements in optimization. Can not guarantee the ranking of this site tomorrow. At least we know that the engine technology is constantly updated, how many websites are with you to do the same optimization every day; we can understand the engine work rules, but not how to work it, simple, no one knew that I submitted to the Google of a web site can be included in the day will be able to. No one can know Google Baidu search engine ranking secret. This is the foundation of our country, how can easily let people know; all, nobody can guarantee rankings, with some of the outdated "black hat" means, sooner or later will put your company into the fire pit.

4 ensure rapid ranking to ensure permanent ranking.

with third points almost the same reason, every day how many new sites in the birth, how many sites in the same as you do or work harder than you optimize the work. Optimization work has only begun but not terminated.

5 we and Google, Baidu has a relationship

even if they have nothing to do with Google or Baidu partnership, it is impossible to get a natural relationship with the search engine rankings.

4 to do the bidding for natural ranking help

Google made it clear that in the Google ads do not offer, nor will it reduce the natural ranking in google. There will be no "thank you" rankings;

above information hope to promote the staff or marketers to help

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