Fourteen methods of online website promotion

1, submit your website to the search engine, so your site will have the greatest exposure rate possibility;

2, if you want to get more exposure opportunities, you can pay for search engine marketing (Search Engine Marketing). When the browser with a fixed keyword search, there will be in the search engine web site appears on your website text ads;

3, to carry out a sweepstakes. In a certain period of time, if someone on your site to register or subscribe to e-mail communication, he is likely to get free gifts;

4, weekly email to your site to send e-mail (E-mail Newsletter). Newsletter provides industry news and some tips and links back to your site;

5, to other sites to provide free articles (Free Content). This is a win-win approach. Other sites are free to get your articles, enrich his content, and you raise the prestige, and get a link to your site;

6, for your potential customers, carefully planned, customer focused Promotion (E-mail), to attract them to buy things through your site. Spend some time in the form and content of your email: you have to give the customer something valuable, don’t make them think it’s spam;

7, and a complementary site (but not a competitor) to exchange links (Link Exchange);

8, with the website membership (Web affiliates) to draw visitors. Hundreds of members of the site will link their traffic to your site;

9, active in the online discussion group or forum, and always in the speech contains the signature of your web site.

10, any time someone on your website to buy the product, in the time of delivery to the goods and then give him the directory, so he buy again.

11, the use of viral marketing technology (Viral Marketing techniques). From the above mentioned online discussion group to each page has a "EMIAL this link", encourage your visitors to spread.

12, can you be sure what your customer needs? Create an online survey (Online Survey) and get advice from your visitors about how to make your site sell things better.

13, create your own ad. Make sure you know who your goals are, the goals of your marketing campaigns, and creatively attract your browsing.

14, in some online trading market (e-marketpl>)

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