mprove the site traffic So that is what it is simple

first statement, I am a novice, writing is not good, please do not scold me! In fact, I do stand there are 2, 3 years. All registered N domain name, N built a small, are interested in gradually over time is tired, it is no longer the station management, some time ago, I began to think seriously do have a website.

in February 26th this year, I registered (with net) the domain name, it is considered that, now do QQ net station can use the domain name, the future replacement of the theme of the site, the domain name is also applicable to other theme website.

domain name registration, the binding has always been a good feel of the space, on the shelf CMS, modify the CMS template, some simple optimization, OK. My site was officially launched! Now on the other search engines, I use the traditional way to a search engine submission site, but also to the blog (such as Sina, Baidu space) some of the weight of high standing in addition to write BLOG, and a few friends (PR2) of the station to make a connection of course, every day update several pieces of the original article is must work (because I was doing QQ net station, I really don’t know how to go to the original articles like this, I may be stupid, there are lazy ingredients inside).

probably after a few days, GOOGLE first included my station, and a few days after Baidu also included, each time the Baidu must be slow, I also don’t know why. But still, Baidu update my site every day, every day included in the increase. Although not much, but I am very satisfied!


search engines are included, but every day to flow or not, in addition to the search engine is the main source of flow, and the other to bring flow? Forums, QQ character signature bar, the Post Bar blog. Can think of the promotion have tried, but the flow is always hovering in the hundreds of IP. At this time I noticed the QQ bookmarks, you can make good use of. I put the site every day articles, one by one into the QQ bookmark. After a few days, I was looking at the flow, found that only a few hours in the morning, from the QQ bookmarks brought 870IP, was a terrible tragedy!


login QQ bookmarks, in the popular collection of the station had the honor of second, a total of more than 3 thousand people collection!


now, every day I will update a few articles, I will keep looking at my website in Baidu ranking high every day, traffic is also more and more big, the heart is really very happy, also have more power to operate the station. When you look at the search engine rankings today, found that the name of the couple in the Baidu keyword from rose to fourth place.


welcome QQ peripheral station and this

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