Content marketing to do the idea of the last savings

this article is applicable to content marketing, as a businessman, in the future will be exhausted all the way to save the best lotus it, as a marketing content creator, should add a "great" idea into a list, it is used in the days after the right place, and get 88% effect. Content marketing is a creative work, it must continue to accumulate in the usual work, do the best savings.

don’t deceive yourself

Why should

deliberately ignore his best ideas, even if it looks bad at the time, but perhaps in the future it will be a big idea. I have asked myself this question many times, this content can be created?.

1, perfectionism

when it comes to designing any creative drag, it’s actually too much of a demand for the "best" idea to get yourself into self doubt, which makes it hard to achieve the best job. Although efforts can be overcome, or just give you a little more time or you can finish, but if you have been in fear, it will not only deprive you of the best ideas, and it will make you lose the passion you have.

when you have a good idea, don’t hesitate to make it better, with their own thoughts in the brain will he recorded, if you just put it on your list, when you go to re-examine its way, spark has disappeared.

I think the inspiration, the passion of the moment is any content to create the most valuable time, today when you have a special fire when burning, don’t leave it again next month to write, don’t you think of today’s best placed at the bottom of the list of all.

2, the glory of the future

"I will have to wait until when I do my best to achieve the ability to think, believe that this is the optimization of SEO industry a lot of people will say a word, until what meet the requirements of what it will do something, the world can only be admitted to all my glory.

the problem here – only you can promote your ideas for aspiring best learning, if you continue to test the incompetent, you never shrink in the difference between your ability and idealistic ideas, even if you are doing the most important work even if you feel not ready, but pay the practice of thinking is worth your growth.

3, worry about brain drain

many of the writers, including SEO content editors will feel that one day he would run out of ideas, if I tried everything I can think of the best ideas, so in the future I can create some garbage, so I want to keep them. Ironically, the more I write one day, the thought will dry up, I can’t say

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