How do make a local forum

07 years in August, I sold the forum, is an entertainment forum. That’s because it doesn’t develop. As early as 06 years when there are two friends to find me, to do a local website, when the experience is not strong, no guts, no money to give up the idea. In fact, I think I regret not doing.

it doesn’t matter, through the experience of the past management forum, I began to do the forum, the forum is a lot of things ready.

I do in the local forum, where I will not say. From preparation to now, I added a lot of local QQ users, built a lot of QQ group. Slowly began chatting with some friends, I learned to share with you a few points:

1, we are at work, go to work, life is boring, (dating) has become a lot of people’s attention. Women / men are the same.

2, the same, the work is very busy, at weekends, no place to play, so the (Party + friends) to go out to play, a lot of the trend of entertainment city.

3, even if you live in a city for several years, there are too many people do not know what fun in the city, what delicious. So it is necessary to provide complete information (idle away in seeking pleasure).

above the three point, you might think, really simple, who do not know, but this is a lot of local community success secret, when you really understand what they need to when success is only a matter of time, about the local community business, I will not say, there are many examples of success.

in the strong, I know more than a year on the local forum, many local websites, read too many articles, the above three points is the building of the local forum the most simple and effective secret of success. As long as the party has a long, all kinds of propaganda, such as hair leaflets, leaflets printed thousands of cheap.

believe it will succeed, and of course, you have a good forum management team to understand the operation of the forum.

temporarily understand that these words are in the day, to share with you. Good things do not need to be useful, clear. I welcome the exchange of QQ:164482499 forum operation, the operation of the local site, and I hope to add QQ, directly talk about some useful topics.

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