Creating the value of the Forum

wrote yesterday, the 9 laws of the forum and experience sharing, today I think that the value of the forum.

          a forum must have her value, she can not stand, or will be eliminated by the ruthless network.

          the first is the value of the forum must create a good reading environment, I hate some advertising sites, sometimes often malicious Trojan, broke the textbook, many times even there I want things I have is about to shut down of course website forum in order to put ads must to survive, but individual forum advertising the premise is not to affect reading, to give you a member of a good reading environment, such as man…….

              then you must create or to create an atmosphere of the forum, the forum or culture, such as behind her culture, I used to listen to Ma’s lecture, he was standing in the distance of 2 meters from the podium in the lecture he repeated Emphasis on corporate culture, as the Cultural Forum Forum, a forum on Cultural Forum will not be eliminated by the network, will become increasingly better
            again your goal must be clear, the distance is not terrible, terrible is not know the distance, Ma does not insist that the Alibaba can now have the BtoB dominance? Of course, also need to have good strategies and some factors, such as Taobao defeated the powerful EBAY, is the best example of

          finally want to say is: never give up don’t fail, like me, a rookie, but I’m working on forum. Just because a goal of their own, the forum data is cleared, the forum server was hacked, the forum data is corrupted, hit me, but I still went on my forum Road, I spent almost all of his free time to engage in the forum, although I was very small but, I still strive to, as long as I do not give up, I am not a loser, Ma Yun said: never give up, never give up. The persistent pursuit, you can achieve your ideal, must not give up halfway, you realize the ideal

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