And Zhou Xingwei talk about the soft writing release and effect


in the absence of "soft Wen ah" this website, check the Internet popular writing soft website, understand the current hot is the old Xie and Zhou Xingwei two people, read their articles, write a "soft" market, the effect is good! Very clever, at a time when visiting me friends of QQ space, found that Zhou Xingwei and I are actually alumni, learned through a friend, then the original in our school that wrote hundreds of thousands of fantasy novels is him, Zhou Xingwei! He travel to Fuzhou last week, after a friend introduced to Zhou Xingwei, and together with him to communicate about the soft view:

soft useless? Is certainly useful, Zhou Xingwei is from the beginning of the 07 year do soft Wen creation, has served has hundreds of companies, there are a lot of repeat, soft brought publicity has brought the market performance, the enterprise certainly keen, have had a soft paper owners should be deep have the experience to live! Can try in A5 under the

!How to write

soft? Write primary school will, only level quality only, write out a creative writing skills of the writers and an ordinary writing articles, everyone is at a glance! This is why many webmaster real intentions written text can not be widely spread even as rubbish but, the creation of the soft staff wrote the article was reprinted in Baidu encyclopedia! On "soft" to explain some is from Zhou Xingwei’s website, his writing level is recognized


submitted to the soft requirements? According to Zhou enterprise generally choose submission portals and industry website, for our webmaster why A5 station contribute? They are first released free sharing platforms such as portals rather than pay contributions, then they are quite big webmaster groups rather than not popular or along the way. Not related to the population, but also to meet the owners finally increase the chain and make friends with fellow friends and learn to


soft long bear fruit? According to Zhou said, if not the effect of soft write soft article or publish only in one place, need to continue to expand the soft communication can be effective, in the release of A5 soft, for example, some people just built a new creation passion or soft site is Baidu how also create a feel soft, after basically no sound; some people for a month every day making a fortune may later feel soft, no effect, disappeared; some people a week to create a high quality of soft Wen, lasted more than 1 years, the effect has been, also fell in love with A5 the release of the soft! Some people · · do not know how you will belong to that type of


soft writing price? According to Zhou 07 years then do network soft creation price is quite high, then the network appeared more and more network creation level uneven, the creator of the soft, slightly will write blog dare to do the soft sale, market competition is fierce, the price is almost the price of cabbage, a penny goods, 20 dollars and 200 dollars in text quality, since.

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