A brief analysis of the method of promoting industry website


industry website is relatively "money" website, my station is about http://s.17ttd.com Adult supplies Station, many industries are standing by selling their products to profit, I stand is such a station only in the soul, visitors to visit the site to feel the website brings the transfer of ideological culture, so as to cause mental resonance, this is also the reason why many industry website success, because the idea of relationships between them and the viewer, by editing the hand, will pass out the concept of industry website.

to create a simple way to promote the soul of the industry website:

1 original

can not only display the original article site different from others in your industry, giving users the most fresh information, but also can play a very good effect in the search engine, the original article, and even become the news source of Baidu. Because it is their own products, so the article is definitely original, novice webmaster can learn from. But at the beginning of the station with the collection. Useless.

2 special topic

Website of the

industry is one of the standards embodied in an industry website quality, whether the content of quality, in addition to column organization, editing, see is special industry website. The production of several aspects: the direction of the determination of the content of the organization, the production of the page, the realization of the function. Hot ability and selectivity of content, whether sustained attention, whether the short-term focus are special direction, content selection is to see whether the content of the topic to find, whether it is illegal, the other two are doing very well, I will not say. Short term, the best monthly 1~2, hot topics, the best 2 months 1.

3 responsibility

industry website is different from other industry websites, editors need to have a professional medical knowledge and higher quality, not the fake industry network marketing solutions and industry network marketing information, incorrect drug usage and wrong disease prevention and treatment measures issued in the website, because we have a responsibility heart in standing, think of the development for the people to save the cost of the platform industry. Today is the search engine, we find the information for the first time to think of the Baidu, Google, I believe that everyone wants to find the information is valuable, do not want to be spam, but do not want to be wrong, misleading information, we only provide a reliable and practical benefit to the people of the content. Valuable content to retain users, bring traffic.

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