Common use of several CMS experience

looking for a friend to buy a space behind, these two days in a variety of crazy test CMS

started from DEDE, originally used DEDE 4. The 0 edition, this is not the official version of the 2007 edition, there are many BUG, to be honest, I do not want to have a BUG down again.

and ECMS at the first time to the Empire, into the background, the background is not practical, I don’t want to pick up again in the DEDE ECMS, this time with the header and footer is OK, but each is the same, is not conducive to SEO, or you can change, but so much trouble.

5 years ago I also contacted, felt very difficult ah, what the label, do not understand, and that today is too simple, only the news and download system.

easy or 2006 version, there is no trial.

digital.Net version of the CMS with a little, feeling is not original, is a big trash can.

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