n disorderly fashion 8 months 5 drill my Taobao growth story sharing

is a Taobao shop called "Meng Da beauty" (store address: http://s.shop113430053.taobao.com/), the boss is a little girl Joy, doing part-time, 8 months on the line, 5 drill, no single brush, the repo rate is very high, many users will take the initiative to share purchase. The boss said that she did not understand the operation, the 2 Taobao store opened the score but are also good, like in disorderly fashion will come a lot of traffic, it is good luck to her, or she shop what? This is the home of the Amoy [interview] series of articles, take a look at her as He Taobao shop



dream River: I found that your product has a feature that is sold with a variety of styles, boxes loaded, right?

Joy: Well, yes, we are customized, a box of a box to sell, a set of people to sell their own gifts are cost-effective, authentic fold in a pair of Taobao is 20-35 yuan, we are a combination of selling.

dream Jiang: Yes, the price is right, in the scope of consumer acceptance, but also with other shops have different. What is your product supply channel? Is it custom made with the factory?

Joy: find the factory, next month will be a series of other gift box.

dream Jiang: then you were sure to sell this product, to find the process of processing factory difficult?

Joy: it is difficult to explore some of the factory product quality is not good, we are also in the development of some of the bad quality gradually improved.

dream Jiang: you are directly under the Alibaba orders, or go to the next line to find it?

Joy: at the beginning of the most clothing, very very hard. 5 more than the purchase of Hangzhou, Sijiqing, the result is still expensive, out of the factory’s $50 clothes, Taobao sold 90, Sijiqing to $110. 110 yuan is taken into the original clothes out is very difficult, so I started looking for manufacturers but Alibaba many are hanging manufacturer name and not the manufacturers, but it is luck, really found several manufacturers and at that time the clothes made to establish a long-term cooperative relations. After the transition to jewelry, and began to find jewelry manufacturers, as far as possible to customize some special things.

dream River: a lot of ideas, clear thinking, want to set a thing to do.

Joy: Hey hey, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers.

Meng Jiang: products are factory custom orders, now how many goods store


Joy: the stockpile is quite much, less a 50 box, a box of 1000 more.

dream River: the cost of a box about how much?

Joy: the cost of goods, the price of the alloy is relatively low, but according to the constitution is not everyone can take the gold-plated series of mid-range points, slightly

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