The implementation of crazy marketing strategy of QQ discussion group

, come here to share something with your new friends. In addition to the network to do their own projects, the most important thing is to find someone else to do some projects. Not that easy to operate his Wangzhuan project, because gehangrugeshan?? is this Wangzhuan project, but we can through the analysis method of their project, and get some experience. But know that many things are common. The means of network marketing is marketing, but the method is different.

if his method is good, we can also use it to do their own projects, practice, there may be unexpected results. Today I want to talk about the QQ discussion group example, although he did not operate, do not know how much money can be earned in the end. But I think, if everything exists, and there is still a long time, it must be profitable, and not too little. If not, no one will insist on doing so long, so extreme.

I think we should also understand that the discussion group on QQ we are more familiar with the. QQ has also been encountered before the discussion group marketing. It is also based on the discussion of the benefits of group marketing with QQ. Met again today, so we take out and communicate well. QQ discussion group is fast direct, online friends will see

today, the situation is like this, when I was in the office, you need to pop up a QQ discussion group of the message box, which swept the contents of the message, is about winning the QQ news, there is a link. I do not see it, I know it is a lie, we stay on the network for a long time, naturally know. I would like to lie about something but and the line also shameful ah, not only to make money, but also lose money. No, I have to be fair. I am typing is said to be deceptive, the return did not succeed. The original discussion group no longer exists, has been closed, I did not expect that guy’s speed is so fast. It’s a little different than before, and that’s why you don’t want to talk about it. But the effect of his propaganda has arrived. After all, there are still a lot of new online, or someone will be cheated. How can we, I can not report, can not reply. Who set up the discussion group I did not find the opportunity to.

although this deceptive information is unreasonable, but there is no way to stop and limit. Add QQ also no way, is to remind you to remind everyone. However, this marketing approach, it is worth learning from. We can be used to do other product marketing, or service promotion, etc.. Because the discussion group can be repeated to build, such as the promotion of QQ group, of course, he naturally has his advantage. The first one than a single promotion to be fast, but not easy to drop, to enter the verification code or reported by the user by QQ to re set the password lock. Another relative QQ group promotion, can also prevent him kicking and user reporting. What is more important is to limit the number of people in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.


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