A5 financing briefing scene laboratory Haifeng Beijing science and technology e signed for ten mil

1 scene lab

Investment: wanglian Shengjing led

investment amount: 25 million yuan

by the senior marketing guru, the original logic of thinking co-founder Wu created a "Scene laboratory" in the recently completed 25 million yuan A round of financing, the current round of the spectacular wanglian collar vote. Plus Angel round of several industry heavyweights investment, two rounds of investment of nearly 50 million yuan.


2 easy point world


investment amount: $100 million

easy point world Yeahmobi set by $100 million, after the market value of nearly 5 billion yuan. Easy to point the world Yeahmobi focus on providing the overall solution for enterprise internationalization, through mobile marketing, vertical industry solutions, such as financial services to help enterprises to go global, to create "enterprise internationalization ecosystem, service object includes consumer APP, mobile phone games, cross-border electricity, health, tourism and other industries.


3.META health

investors: reverse innovation fund

investment amount: 2 million yuan

META is a functional health glasses developer, META health glasses belong to the functional products, anti blue, can alleviate eye fatigue and other intelligent zoom effect, belonging to the Nanjing horizon optical technology co.. Recently, META health as 2 million Angel round of financing, the investor for the Tsinghua University reverse innovation fund.


The 4 tigers


: Kara

venture capital investment

investment amount: RMB

recently, the domestic financial innovation in financial services group, the tigers announced the completion of nearly 100 million yuan B round of financing, the current round of financing by the venture capital investment stake in Kara WF, Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor to the financing.


Beijing Haifeng technology


: send huge investment capital lead investor, Rui Feng Li Feng capital continue to increase investment in

investment amount: 30 million yuan

Haifeng Beijing science and technology limited liability company announced the completion of $30 million A round of financing, the funds have been put in place. This round of financing by the huge capital lead investor, Rui Feng Li Feng capital continue to increase investment.


6.e sign treasure

investors: Oriental rich sea collar investment, with Ginkgo Ginkgo

investment amount: 45 million

recently, the third party electronic signature platform e announced the completion of the signing of treasure

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