Change mouse style

To change the mouse pointer code, simply add the following code to the CSS code in the template DIY:

body{cursor:url (‘mouse pointer image URL’)}

A{(cursor:url (‘mouse pointer image URL’)}

1: the first line is the initial shape of the mouse pointer, the second line is the mouse pointer to the link form.

note 2: you need two mouse pointer images (preferably the two images are set or similar).

description 3: mouse pointer image format is.Cur and.Ani, not.Jpg,.Gif or other image format, this note.

4: if you love only a picture of the mouse pointer instead of two, then A{(cursor:url ("mouse pointer URL ‘)} This code would not have written, a picture is actually the mouse pointer.
CURSOR: URL code (‘’);

code two: cursor:url (;

code three:

code four: CURSOR: URL (‘’);

code five: cursor:url (;

code six: cursor:url (;

code seven: CURSOR: URL (‘’);

code eight: CURSOR: URL (‘’);

code nine: CURSOR: URL (‘’);

code ten: CURSOR: URL (http://s.clsky>)

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