The four step to seize your marketing audience to double the effect

I am not a person who likes reading very much, the reason is very simple, there are a lot of books is really very good, may be able to save time and detours, learn from the experience of predecessors. But this is not the case, most people tend to think that even if it is wrong, there is a better shortcut, do not try it is absolutely do not believe.

now such a flood of information, media flooding era, each of us exists in a number of different markets, in the face of different marketing audience. Sometimes, we play the role of sales, marketing products to customer trust and pay; sometimes, we play the role of "marketing" role, in the face of many competitors in the market, brand marketing company; sometimes, we just play our own face, constantly charging the talent competition, marketing yourself to get better opportunities; sometimes, we are playing a role, to take the role of desired results, may be an interview, may be a job, a raise may be, may be a few personnel, may be N customers.

the two most difficult things in the world: one is to put the money in someone else’s pocket into his pocket. If you want to do these two things, let others agree with your point of view and pay for it, so please continue to look down, or you can bypass.

now on the marketing of books, but I want to share these 4 steps. It’s the way I’ve heard lately, I’ve been skeptical, tried, and improved, and I’ve been convinced that it’s effective. Before sharing these 4 steps, I would like to emphasize that the marketing audience mentioned here is not just a customer, but you want to get the results you want by influencing him.

Step 1: a strong sense of crisis (accounting for the proportion of 20%) macro + micro

everyone is inert, including your marketing audience, you want to let him take the initiative to realize the crisis, and it is very difficult to do. If you want the other person to agree with your point of view, and agree with your point of view, do not immediately express your point of view, let him understand their own crisis, and a strong sense of. If you are doing the marketing of the product or company, here said the crisis should be involved from the macro to the micro, because the general decision makers are not interested in the details.


: if you leave a good people, at this moment if you tell him, this company can bring his chances in the future, you appreciate he wanted to leave him, then he will probably go, because this is your idea. The first step you need to do is to make him aware of the crisis he faces: the current employment environment (national, industry), the original industry bottlenecks and the limitations of the future development of space.

simply said that the initiative to make your marketing audience has a strong sense of crisis. (Zhao Benshan "Maiguai": one did not immediately Maiguai but tell Wei Fan you leg disease, stand up and take two steps.

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