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wrote the interaction WuMeiShi blog yesterday, today write the last article.

Who is

WuMeiShi, I want to have a few people know that we do not need to know, as long as we know WuMeiShi is a component of the GBS staff, to be able to get some insider information, to disclose some insider information on the line, for those of us in her blog readers, who she really is not important.

if we know who she is, may lose the WuMeiShi mystery I and she provided inside the doubt of the authenticity; in addition, as WuMeiShi itself and GBS, if you know their true identity, her words can not say, can not complain of SARFT, not attack competitors, not broke insider, without these, WuMeiShi blog nobody to look, GBS also cannot achieve the propaganda effect.

in-depth discussion of this issue, we sometimes really need to know who is writing blog. Think not, especially for the enterprise blog, as long as I know the author is the enterprise staff, he said the news with a real business information on the line, which also reached the blog this non official propaganda window, but sometimes the real blog writing staff will know others let the blogger writing write a overcautious, interesting blog. Cici Fuss believes that the owners of the enterprise blog requires only a vague definition of the main blog on the line, do not have a very fine, such as corporate sales staff, etc..

WuMeiShi blog from 05 years, attracted much attention and a lot of people to imitate the other GBS competitors have similar bloggers active in the Sina blog, such as Zhejiang satellite TV the uncle, stroking three Biaojiu, pony light cousin, aunt Rong rong. Through the blog this platform to publish some of the Zhejiang TV insider, etc., to achieve the popularity of speculation effect.

use WuMeiShi blog hype to get such attention is now in the entertainment television industry develops, may with the public attention to the blog, the degree of openness in other industries gradually carry out this form of enterprise blog marketing, through professional event analysis and insider broke the news, get a lot of attention, to express the voice of enterprises from a non official platform, allow enterprises to promote their own concept of multi angle.

‘s conjecture: analysis from I of this year WuMeiShi blog, I personally think that an employee is likely to her days of entertainment, rather than the Hunan satellite TV, because she broke the news of Wang Han’s marriage thing. In addition, the correctness of what she knows about the news, at least from a high-level entertainment team behind the possibility of doing, like planning a bit bigger, reason is that material offer good accuracy, and the update more frequently, there must be a certain period of time.

blog WuMeiShi temporarily come to an end, before the four articles listed below: blog marketing from WuMeiShi blog (a >

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