Afraid of late That’s because you haven’t read the commercial logic

in August this year the broadcast industry is also somewhat quiet, in addition to the two "big brothers" earnings related news. One is unfamiliar Street No. 16 released two quarter earnings report, through the broadcast and video business profit of $57 million 900 thousand, and the other one is in a short video and live under the guidance of, at the beginning of the month Sina micro-blog released 16 second quarter results, whether it is micro-blog, monthly active users operating income and profits have hit a new high.

is said to have emerged in the Chinese market 300+ live platform, and the size of the network has reached 325 million yuan users. With Tencent, Taobao, Sina, unfamiliar street, millet and other bigwigs have layout live market, a variety of reports on the live data, expert interpretation endless. Some media said that the broadcast service has entered the Red Sea era, the time window has been closed, the fact that it does so in the future, what kind of live platform will survive it?

a, mass entertainment and vertical segmentation of the game: two kinds of live ecological

from the earliest times to the BBS mobile Internet era now, no matter how many rounds of technology carrier after upgrading, in the Internet arena, business logic is always amazing consistency between entertainment and vertical niche game.

Although many

broadcast platform, but also to live from the ecological classification between the outside of popular entertainment and vertical niche: one is the Red Star pan entertainment broadcast to a live broadcast, unfamiliar street, reflecting off as the representative, another kind is take the vertical market segments, with micro roar, Huan Tuo technology as the representative of.

the difference between them is similar to the previous BBS era of public forum and niche forum.

forum content is not important, it is important to influence, the end of the year there is no gossip about how much technology content, but its influence is enough to trigger social hot spots, the formation of public opinion oriented.

broadcast of the pan entertainment route is also the case, reflecting the live broadcast of the network is selling red economy, alongside a live broadcast of sina and the star is the fans economy. Most of the quality of the network can not be too high quality output, relying on the face to eat, rely on some popular culture to attract users is normal. Star is not in the broadcast platform what high quality output, eat, sleep, sell Meng can live.

for the fans, pay attention to them, more interactive and private needs. Beautiful red with a bit of edge ball, large rewards often get some private exchange opportunities, the so-called Dongguan staff said that the Red Net jobs because of the private exchanges.

whether it is a live webcast, or live star, anchor and the user relationship is a tree structure. A few stars, or a few nets big red V, and tens of millions of people is difficult to have a large area of interaction, gifts and more will get some special opportunities, more people just kill time of Pan entertainment. Revenue from this platform is mainly from playing into the reward, advertising and electricity supplier diversion.

and micro roar, the extension of science and technology than this professional

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