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457 cases of swine flu,becoming the second person to die of the A(H1N1) virus in the Caribbean nation, For all the latest Technology News, all our predictions for 2016 were way off mark. “This is an exciting result.explains Ward. Palopoli et al. PNAS (2015) A breakdown of how the four mite clades (A B C D) were distributed around the world The researchers estimate that the last common ancestor of the four mite clades lived more than 3 million years ago meaning all four groups predate modern humans and our two species have evolved in tandem A wealth of fossil and human genetic evidence suggests that modern humans first evolved in Africa and the distribution of mite species supports that hypothesis Though it was the least sampled geographic area people of African descent had the most diverse mites possessing all four clades From there the authors theorize that people (carrying their mites) spread out to the other geographic regions and that along the way certain groups of the mites didn’t make it “As they diverged into Asia and Europe some individual lineages were lost” explains the study’s first author Michael Palopoli an evolutionary biologist at Bowdoin College in Brunswick Maine Thus all European mites are mitochondrial type D Human genes show a pattern similar in some respects to Africans possessing the most diverse genomes Exactly when these die-offs occurred is impossible to know from the experiment but he suggests that future studies could give us a clearer idea of the timeline The researchers also found that each individual’s mite population was stable over time periods as long as 3 years—even in people who had moved to new regions of the world with different dominant clades Furthermore the mite profiles appear to be passed across generations—a second generation person of African descent living in Europe will most likely retain the mites of her ancestors rather than acquire a European profile The stability of the mite populations especially between generations suggests to the authors that differences between the hosts’ skin may explain why people from different regions have different subsets of the bugs Human populations differ in skin hydration hair follicle density and lipid production These differences have likely arisen over evolutionary time and the authors theorize that the changes may have given certain mite clades a competitive advantage in certain skin types Ancient Europeans for example may have acquired mutations in their skin that heavily favored the D clade over A B or C The team suggests that the D folliculorum mites offer a new way to study the history and relationships of human populations Other research—especially on lice—has attempted to glean similar insights about human history but the mites appear to have greater genetic diversity: Even people with the same ancestry had subtle differences in their mite profiles and the most similar profiles came from individuals within the same family These traits could provide researchers with a map of human history that is both more precise and more consistent than lice or other species This is the first experiment using the mites to study human history and behaviors Some of the sample sizes are small and more work remains but the results are promising so far Reed says “The authors have found a very promising new way to investigate human evolution” Right now” will have more enlarged pupils than someone about to answer “no.

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