Hacker organization Anonymous secret FB has quietly organized its activities

Beijing on July 5th news, according to foreign media reports, "connection" magazine wrote before the disclosure of the hacker group Anonymous to select target, attack, and make a strong government or enterprise website collapse. The following is the summary of the article:


hackers Anonymous secret (Tencent technology plan)

in addition to hector · Xavier Monseg (Hector Xavier Monsegur), he did not know why or when a "Sabu", and joined the strange, chaotic Internet well-known hacker organization Anonymous. But we all know that "Sabu" was arrested that day. In June 7, 2011, federal agents entered his apartment in the east of New York and threatened the 28 year old to face a series of charges that would have been jailed for up to 124 years. It is precisely because of this, Hector · Mongolia Seg, the former Anonymous is called "Sabu" and has many fans of the hacker, yield to a new, mysterious and never appear the same master, the master is the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI).

in the next 8 months, Sabu continues to be active on the Internet, and Anonymous is one of the core members of the hacker organization AntiSec. Sabu not only help to government and corporate websites, even to attack the United States Security think-tank, global intelligence agency Stratfor. But in fact, all of Sabu’s activities are closely monitored by the fbi. Law enforcement officials later said the news to Fawkes, pleaded guilty in August last year after several weeks, Meng Saige "almost every day" to assist the work of the Department in the office of the Federal Bureau of investigation. Then, Meng Saige their own home is still to continue to assist the work of the Department, Monseg has to monitor a Federal Bureau of investigation officers 24 hours a day. In some cases, FBI agents will even pretend to be Sabu. Last Christmas, just before the Stratfor was hacked, Sabu also said to AntiSec members in the online chat, we have been accustomed to high temperatures; we have survived from the first round of attack."


designer · Gayle, Lizzie grams; ANN paintings (Tencent technology plan)

Sabu refers to a series of arrests occurred in the summer of last year, at least 80 members of the world’s AntiSec was arrested by the police. At that time, it was almost impossible to pick out any problems from Sabu’s argument, because the arrested man did not slow down the terrorist attacks launched by AntiSec in 2011. 2011 is Anonymous into global geopolitics

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