Pure digital domain 64 com sold nearly 610 thousand

December 1st news, according to foreign media reports, two digit pure digital domain name 64.com sold at $89000, about RMB 610 thousand yuan.
in the recent auction, the highest price is Chinese as the "Russian" domain name russia.com, sold for $1 million 500 thousand. It is worth mentioning that the suffix ".Net" domain name qq.net topped with 310 thousand yuan is ylmf successfully bid for the domain name, has been officially to its website 114la ylmf. In addition, the German long domain 1a-krankenversicherung.de surprise, shoot 120 thousand high.
as follows:

dominio.com                                      USD
gameland.com                  nbsp;             USD
billets.com                                          EUR
thesan.com                                      USD
xai.com    &nbs>

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