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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network October 16th news yesterday, the original MSN team has finally officially sound: China MSN re registered company, and renamed the Microsoft online network technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Microsoft"), also announced that the business expansion strategy.

Liu Zhenyu said that the new brand Microsoft online will include Microsoft’s online advertising products and wireless business, including MSN Chinese network, Skype, XBox, Microsoft and other products. In addition, Microsoft launched a little service, global access Microsoft online global advertising solutions. Among them, MSN Chinese network will be based on big data, from the portal to the content aggregation platform.

March 2013, Microsoft shut down outside the mainland MSN service, then Microsoft said in a statement outside the mainland’s MSN service will officially end at the end of October, and vigorously promote another communication products Skype. After that, Microsoft MSN twitter account will be given to Facebook once again confirmed that MSN is about to exit the stage of history.

as a Microsoft Corp in 1999 launched a IM software, MSN Messenger has become a global share of instant communication software of the highest peak, had occupied the global market for instant messaging market share of 40.67%, a solid backing backed by Microsoft, in 2005 entered the Chinese market more directly reach 10.58% market share. Is the year the global social network absolute boss".

but did not do a good job in the Chinese market research, Chinese users did not respond in a timely manner, destined to MSN Messenger in the Chinese market can only be marginalized. With the constantly updated technology, such as Skype, WeChat and other "the bright younger generation" continue to emerge, and MSN the "boss" has also been late in life, and gradually abandoned by the market. When the chat software is small, the launch of MSN Messenger ahead of the occupation of the market; when other similar software have appeared and increased functional experience, MSN Messenger is still stalled; when the mobile Internet era, mobile phone QQ to occupy the market, it has finally been thrown a few blocks.

currently, Microsoft online products and services, including MSN Chinese network, Bing search, Windows AiA, Windows Phone AiA, Xbox One and Skype.

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