Small web site traffic survey download novel website far ahead

      webmaster network (reporter Shao Guihu) recently, the station network for Ali mother advertising platform on the site conducted a survey. Survey of the average daily number of visitors locked in more than 253 sites, one by one of their site type (including the first classification and classification of two) were analyzed and statistics.

              survey results show that the average number of visits per day in more than 10000 of the site type list is as follows:

ranking list

· Humanities and art 38

· Internet 37

· video entertainment 37

· education and training 25

· animation game 23

· portal 19

· digital hardware 14

· stationmaster’s house 13

· life information 10

· personality life 6

· fashion trends 5

· enterprise service 5

· outdoor tourism 4

· hobby collection 2

· automotive information 2

· investment property 2

· online shopping mall 2

· health care 2

· blog space 1

· bisexual life 1

· sports sports 1

webmaster comments: Arts and humanities can rank a classification list, the novel website contributed; the Internet is a major software download site mostly; audio and video entertainment to blog video website for the pioneer, the other two classification website is also strong, in the two grade classification list of the top 10. The classification of audio and video entertainment under the category accounted for 3 of primary and secondary education; education and training classes in the class almost occupy half of the country, copywriting, recruitment came into being, the development of good, but except the college website Kadoba neglected; animation game category of the two class are not very scientific and accurate, hard to find a "head" of the two categories, but still can not cover up the popular categories of luster; portal website basically.

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