Biography CNNC adjustment CN domain name registration rules new registration must be in writing

DoNews December 11th news (reporter Xiao Kefeng) the afternoon of December 11th, according to sources, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) is in the process of adjusting the CN domain name registration rules, the CN domain name registration must submit a written application. According to sources, CNNIC held an emergency Video Conference on the 11 morning of the Registrar, announced the next step remediation CN domain specific application of bad measures.

it is understood that the remediation measures mainly include five aspects.

a, CN domain name with reference to GOV domain name registration process, the registration of new CN domain name must submit a written application, stamped red chapter, the new domain name of the audit work by the registrar.

two, CNNIC will be registered with the Registrar of the CN domain name has been registered to find the domain name will be deleted. If the Registrar or will stop its registered port, and cancel the qualification.

three, the establishment of the domain name registration agent filing system, the company has not obtained ISP certificate shall not be engaged in the CN domain name registration agency business.

four, the establishment of a bad register blacklist system, to enter the list of registered CN domain name will be limited.

five, the establishment of bad domain name application processing mechanisms, including phishing, network jurisprudence, false information and other bad reporting mechanism

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