Self knowledge of the nternet opened a man accused of pornographic websites

                self-study computer would have been a good thing, but some people are using the Internet to self-study and computer knowledge, the establishment of pornographic websites, dissemination of pornographic pictures and articles, to seek illegal benefits for themselves. Recently, Xiangan District People’s court for such a case of alleged dissemination of pornographic materials for public hearing.
              the defendant Xu Jianbin 29 years old this year, is a crew of Xiangan dadeng. Xu Jianbin, who has only primary school culture, does not have the skills to use it in the right way after learning about it. Earlier this year, the defendant Xu Jianbin through friends to buy a U.S. server space. Later, in a process to help others repair site, Xu Jianbin got containing obscene pictures and articles "for daughter love" forum, in January 24th, Xu Jianbin upload to the Internet, will be before the purchase of to the address space, established the "long daughter" forum.
              in the following 3 months, Xu Jianbin in BBS on this forum for identity management, maintenance, and from other sites collected more than and 800 pornographic posts, to upload their own forum, enrich content. At the same time, Xu Jianbin the number of hits using the forum, through the results of the advertising alliance to earn advertising costs. As of the time of the incident, Xu Jianbin has not yet received real income.
              in May 6th of this year, Xu Jianbin was arrested at home by the public security organs in. After identification, the forum more than and 680 pictures and more than and 370 articles for pornographic articles. Xiangan District People’s Procuratorate that should be carried out for the crime of spreading pornographic items Xu Jianbin’s criminal responsibility, according to the prosecution. Currently, Xiangan district court is hearing the case.

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