Quest 52 3 letter fold domain name xxx cn not registered are retained

renamed China ( March 19th news, Beijing time this month at 13, the 3 letter domain name stack in overseas platform node shoot, shoot node price of 850 thousand yuan. Recently, a lot of 3 letters, but the domain name of the 3 letter is rare. Today it takes you 3 letters.Com/.cn domain name of quest stack.


figure: 3 letters.Com domain name

most 3 letter domain name is not

global 3 letter.Com domain name of a total of 26, plus the letter.Cn domain name, a total of only 52. In these domain names which have 13 domain names, including the six jump to other domain names, domain name is building, the remaining 37 domain name is not the site, there are 1 domain names that are reserved

in the 3 letter.Com domain name, the first registered domain name, the last registered domain name was registered in November 1998. In other words, the 3 letter.Com domain name has at least 16 years of history, the domain name has been registered over the past 20 years, there are 10.

The history of

compared to the 3 letter.Com stack domain name of "long" and 3 letters.Cn domain name is "young" a lot, the earliest registered domain name, registered in March 2003, the latest was, in February 2014 was registered. The has been retained, presumably when the registration will lead to open a fight".


figure: 3 letters.Cn domain name

3 letter domain name of the site type

The 3 letter domain name site stack type

has already been built more complex, a game related website built and, to build an international exchange website, and 3D are built related products of the company website, and respectively, and a million rural insecticide products.

has 6 domain names are set to jump. and jump to, 3character is the meaning of the 3 letter, the page is about the 3 letter domain name transaction news and information.

domain name jump to, rather than the original meaning of the original domain name. The original domain name is too long, and the use of to jump, to increase the flow of the site can help to imagine. Domain name jump to, the combination of short domain name, and there is a link between the two, the two domain names are suitable for the site and the site.

has exposed the 3 letter domain name transaction > stack

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