Aunt dilemma why not profit of tens of millions of users

[Abstract] women’s health applications market favored by the capital, in the end is a piece of fat or hard to gnaw bones.



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some time ago, BY-HEALTH officially announced, announced the completion of the aunt APP strategic stake to the price of 62 million yuan, it has been much more industry analysis, raise a Babel of criticism of, as women’s health applications, much favored capital, after several rounds of financing the aunt, will build a large health industry in the one and only the ecological platform. But in recent months after precipitation, although already has tens of millions of users of the aunt, to inject funds, profit model is still no breakthrough. And also announced the closed-loop mode to create "tool + community + electricity supplier integration in July, the U.S. grapefruit, this month also did not give a satisfactory answer.

this has to start to suspect that the capital favored women’s health applications market, in the end is a piece of fat or hard to gnaw bones?

stir under the women’s health market

aunt do women’s health as one of the most representative of the application, on-line since 2012, never seems to lack of investment. In April 13, aunt you get Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund and fund it real A $5 million round of financing in September of the same year, get $10 million B round of financing from Sequoia Capital lead investor, Bertelsmann and business with investment funds. In May last year, aunt you completed C round of financing, the amount of $30 million, from the sources of venture capital investment led, Sequoia Capital and bertelsmann. Data show that the health financing price calculated in accordance with the announcement, the aunt valued at approximately $210 million. Such a high valuation aunt in 2014 revenue was only 1 million 479 thousand and 500 yuan, 66 million 537 thousand and 300 yuan loss.

on the history of the development of the great aunt, a notable feature is the continuous loss of financing development. Aunt profitability has been facing the problem, but even so, aunt you are still subject to a number of capital favor, which is more or less that the market has been speculation the status of women’s health. For the profit, founder of my aunt once apples, for example, "the Apple Corp spent more than 20 years, it witnessed a miracle, I believe that when the ‘aunt’ App users across the country that day, how profitable it is no longer a problem".

how long will it take that day, no one knows.

BY-HEALTH why investment aunt


in June 26th this year, the health investment of 160 million yuan, the main shareholder of cross-border e-commerce in Shenzhen City Tree Technology Co. ltd.. In July 15th, Tomson times and its own funds invested 40 million yuan to invest in the Beijing times minimalist. This minimalist era is mainly to do the elderly business, such as millet series built-in mobile phone >

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