Thousands of shopping network MLM case verdict full 500 back behind the guise of 500



figure for August 7th, Wanjia shopping network MLM case 15 defendants to court trial.

figure / text newspaper reporter Chen Dongsheng newspaper correspondent Li Xiang

August 7th, Zhejiang Province, Jinhua city Wucheng District Court of the country’s largest network marketing case — "million shopping" pyramid selling case verdict: the principal should be committed the crime of organizing and leading MLM and intentional injury crime was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, fined 2 million yuan. The remaining defendants were sentenced to imprisonment, probation, or exempted from criminal punishment, and impose appropriate amount of fines.

million shopping site where the Zhejiang Agel Ecommerce Ltd should be built by the people, who set up in May 2010. In July 2010, the "billion company" to "home shopping" rebate site and the "business alliance" franchise network as a platform, a full 500 back to 500 and under the guise of ultra high rebate soliciting development of members, and according to the level of payment.

only two years, thousands of shopping from the registered capital of more than ten million online purchasing to day trading volume of 300 million yuan e-commerce giant. The development of all levels of membership shopping two hundred million people all over the country 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) more than 2 thousand and 300 counties (city), is currently the largest known case of network marketing. What is the interest that drives people to participate in, and how is the collapse of the

black hole?

Arabian Nights "zero cost"

opened, thousands of shopping in the country "consumption saving = = free", "full 500 back to 500," full 1000 back 1000 "advertising, to attract a large number of staff to join the shopping, the company quickly rise and expansion.

According to the

advertising commitments, people registered as a member through the home shopping network, spending 500 yuan can participate in rebate, to 500 yuan for a right to dividends, full 500 back to 500, at least 1000 to 1000, and so on.

every day up to the right to receive dividends rebate 1 yuan (3 yuan highest rebate), total of 100 yuan after the account can apply for cash rebate, totaled 500 yuan after the exit, which realizes zero cost consumption.

company has launched a million billion shopping network and business alliance two consumer, members can choose, however, whether through which way the consumer needs to pay a certain proportion to the billion company according to commodity prices of the Commission, in order to participate in the bonus rebate.

it is understood that the shopping website is a billion company for the purchase of goods to other online merchants, members of spending 500 yuan to pay the billion company goods price 17.5% Commission, you can get VIP membership in rebates dividends. At the same time, members can also in the business alliance business entity consumption, the same company will according to the billion purchase of goods not.

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